Fair Bluff police chief, town clerk fired amid drug scandal


FAIR BLUFF, NC (WWAY) — Fair Bluff’s police chief is out of jail and out of a job. Town leaders held an emergency meeting last night to fire the Chief Marty Lewis and another town employee after both were indicted on drug charges. Mayor Randy Britt says these moves were necessary amid the scandal.

“Marty had all the ability in the world in my opinion,” Britt said. “Just a life ruined, a life ruined.”

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Investigators say they arrested Lewis Tuesday during a drug deal when he was on duty and in uniform. The district attorney says this was not an isolated incident.

Wednesday night the town fired Lewis during an emergency meeting. Fair Bluff leaders also dismissed Town Clerk Tamika Packer after a grand jury indicted her on charges of conspiring to traffic opiates.

“Nothing seems to shock me beyond belief, but it’s a terrible tragedy that this happened,” Mayor Britt. “I’m highly disappointed about the chief, too, but also for the town clerk here.”

Many people we spoke with Thursday in Fair Bluff wanted to keep their identities hidden for safety reasons. They say they’re not surprised at all by what happened.

“It’s going to start all over,” one resident said. “It ain’t never going to be fixed until you get rid of the crooked ones. You still got some crooked ones there at the town hall.”

Lewis is charged with conspiring to traffic opiates, conspiring to traffic cocaine, and multiple other drug charges.

One man we spoke with said Lewis arrested him just last week, but he had his own message for the chief.

“I was telling him, ‘I know about all the drugs and the guns you have put back on the street. All these things have been getting broken in, and you’ve been doing it,'” the man said.

Now the town has to move on past this scandal.

“We hope to get things on the right track and get moving in the right direction again,” Mayor Britt said. “We’ve got to do a lot of reorganization.”

Britt says Joe Howell has been appointed the temporary police chief. Peggy Moore will serve as town clerk.