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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Three teens are behind bars in Columbus County charged with murdering a man. Today, the wife of the victim says her husband did not deserve the fate he received, and she is fighting for justice.

“He was the most generous person that I knew,” Wanda Gachett said about her late husband Keith. “If anybody came to him and they needed anything or they asked him for anything, if he had it, he would give it to them.”

Wanda gachett says life has not been the same since her husband Keith died last month. Because he was a disabled veteran, Gachett says Keith spent a lot of time at home.

She says every day she thinks about finding her husband murdered. Gachett says now that three teenagers have been arrested for the crime, she feels some tension ease, but it does not heal her pain.

“I feel a sense of relief,” Wanda said. “I feel a little safer, but it still doesn’t change the fact that’s he’s not here, and he’ll never be here.”

One of the boys accused of murdering Gachett is Wanda’s great nephew. She says she’s not sure if the relationship had anything to do with the crime. She says she is grateful that information about the case surfaced, so the state can move forward with punishing those responsible.

“He didn’t deserve for his last days to be like this,” Wanda said. “He didn’t deserve that treatment that they gave him. He didn’t deserve what they did to him, and he deserves justice.”

Deputies arrested 18-year-old Tarrence Hazel, 16-year-old Kenneth da’Shawn Williams, and 16-year-old Marquice Alexander Antone yesterday for Gachett’s murder.

Sheriff Chris Batten says the boys were caught after they bragged to classmates about the crime.


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