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BALD HEAD ISLAND, NC (WTVD) — The North Carolina coast is known for its beautiful beaches, and Bald Head Island is among the best. With million dollar mansions, it’s a remote summer playground for the rich and powerful.

But in the fall of 1999, the island was where Loy Buff’s long nightmare began. Back then, his daughter Davina Buff-Jones was just starting a new career as a police officer on Bald Head.



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  • Guest1022010

    I recently bought and read the book about what lead up to the MURDER and investigation while vacationing in Southport you can clearly tell that it is murder within the first chapter. I am so happy that they wil be reopening the case. There needs to be justice for her, and closure for her family. the book which is written by a family member of hers tells everything, it shows how heartless the people of Baldhead Island are they don’t want the reputation of having a murder on there island so deem it SUICIDE! It is wrong…She was a police officer and was protecting people and they could care less for what happened to her as long as there day went smoothly People think that just because they have money that they don’t have to abide by the law and unfortunately that is how it goes the more money you have the more things get swept under the table and looked over. In this case it’s exactly what happened. I pray that justice will come and the family can finally rest, and personally I hope they find the person or persons that did and they rot in jail!

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