Charlotte-bound flight lands in Maine over odd passenger behavior


    Associated Press

    BANGOR, ME (AP) — A US Airways jetliner that diverted to Maine because a passenger passed a note saying she had a surgically implanted device is back on its way to North Carolina.

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    Rep. Peter King was briefed on the investigation and said the passenger was a French citizen born in Cameroon. He says she handed the note to a flight attendant. The New York congressman says doctors examined her and found no scars.

    The FBI and Homeland Security Department warned airlines last summer that terrorists are considering surgically hiding bombs inside humans.

    Two F-15 fighters scrambled to escort Flight 787 with 179 passengers and nine crew members to Bangor International Airport around noon Tuesday.

    With the passenger in custody, the flight was cleared to continue to Charlotte and departed at 3:28 p.m.

    Associated Press writers Eileen Sullivan in Washington, Denise Lavoie and Jay Lindsay in Boston, and David Sharp and Clarke Canfield in Portland, Maine, contributed to this report.

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