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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington man is fighting for the right to raise his own child. A child he’s never met. A child he never knew existed until the baby was several months old and already living with its potential adoptive parents. So far, trying to intervene has been a losing battle.

There’s a crib, books to read at bedtime, toys. Items Greg Johns rushed to buy when he found out he was a father.

He has a nursery ready, but no baby sleeps in it.

“I’m already a father,” John said. “I’m just looking to be a daddy.”

In April 2011, Johns discovered he had a six-month-old baby boy. A mutual acquaintance told Johns his ex-girlfriend had a baby and put it up for adoption. He confronted her and found out the truth.

“The emotions of anger, sadness, the joy of being a father… I had all that compacted into a five-minute conversation by her just saying, ‘You have no rights.’ I just kept thinking, ‘What is she talking about? I’m the father,’ John said.

He found out Christian Adoption Services in Matthews had placed the baby, whom Greg has named “Chase,” with a family in the triad.

Johns has spent the past year and nearly $100,000 fighting in court for the right to intervene in the adoption. Last month, a judge in Charlotte denied that request.

“It sounds certainly unfair and unjust, and the law is not being applied favorably in his case,” family law attorney Jason Minnicozzi said.

Minnicozzi does not represent Johns, but is familiar with adoption laws.

Johns got a paternity test showing he is the father, which Minnicozzi says should be enough to intervene.

“You would think that the court would be inclined to allow that person to intervene in the matter and be heard on whether or not their parental rights should be terminated or whether or not their child should be adopted by another party,” Minnicozzi said.

Johns has paperwork from Christian Adoption Services that shows his name was on the paperwork, but someone scribbled out his last name and put a fake name in its place. The agency says it tried to notify a Gregory James to no avail.

“I can’t believe this was even notarized when the last name was crossed off and someone else’s handwriting is there,” Johns said.

The clock is ticking. Johns has an 18-month-old son he’s never met.

To say he is frustrated in the legal system is an understatement. The Charlotte judge ruled that because Johns wasn’t there from the beginning, he has no rights.

“I’ve used that anger in the right way,” John said. “Motivation to not give up, to know that I do have a beautiful baby boy, to know that one day he will know the truth, one day I will have custody of him, because I won’t stop. He’ll know the truth, and he’ll know his father did everything possible to love him. He’ll know his father.”

Now, all Johns can do is appeal, but money is running low.

“In this justice system today, you really need money to have your rights protected, because it’s a game within a game,” he said. “You have to have money to go. You have to keep appealing and go as high up as you can.”

Or until the money runs out. That’s is why Johns created a Facebook page called “A Father’s Chase” and he website AFathersChase.com in hopes of getting monetary and emotional support, and to spread the word as he tries to bring his little boy home.

We contacted Christian Adoption Services. Director Jim Woodward would not comment on the specifics of this case. He would only say, “It’s in the court system.”


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  • Jon

    How is the man wrong if she didnt alloow him to be part of the rpegnancy, its not like a man has the forcefull right to be next to his future childs pregnant mother if she doesnt want him to be there. How is he wrong for not even being told he has a baby on the way? Woman have rights, but the limiting of a mans rights is totally ridiculous. THE CHILD HAS A RIGHT TO BOTH OF HIS PATERNAL PARENTS, TOGETHER OR SEPERATE, AND AS ADULTS, THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD SHOULD BE PROTECTED.

  • MiMi

    Did you really read what you wrote??????? There is NO SUCH BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT in any law…..do not even know why anyone would put such as this on the internet……Perhaps you need to go and sit in court for a while….you just might learn a lot….I know I did….there is SO MUCH CORRUPTION AND COVER UP in the JUDICIAL SYSTEMS ACROSS THE NATION….it is really very sad….and probably 95% of the attorneys are CORRUPT too…..there are many judges who do not even know the law….much less follow it…

  • MiMi

    “justice has been served”

    You are joking….right???????????????????? There is NO JUSTICE AT ALL HERE….someone has duped this man in more ways than one…and I am shocked at all of the comments that think the adoption agency is right…..what they did is against the LAW…..and IF the papers were notarized…..then whomever signed them should also be accountable…..This child is NOT with his father…..his father did not *AGREE* to anything….I can only hope and pray that something is done about this…..and those who allowed this to take place should be PUNISHED for what they did….

  • MiMi

    Just because people are SUPPOSE TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT….does not mean that THEY DO….and this goes for attorneys, prosecutors and judges in NC….I heard a Wake County Judge say that they did not always follow the law….

  • MiMi

    This is just another FORM OF CORRUPTION AND COVER UP….the adoption agency should be held accountable for FRAUD…..what they did should be considered a CRIME….

  • MiMi

    EVERYTHING IS ABOUT MONEY……no one cares about the CHILDREN and what is best for them….

  • MiMi

    You have NO IDEA just how unfair the JUDICIAL SYSTEM CAN BE….trust me….as I have been there and know just how CORRUPT our system is…
    http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-813288 read more about it here….
    some NC judges DO NOT EVEN GO BY WHAT THE NC LAWS….I know this from FACT ALSO….

  • Adoption

    Y’all have got to stop saying adoption agencies sell babies.

  • Guest2525

    You think that the little boy who was bought should stay with them? What’s going to happen to him when he grows up? He’ll want his real family and it won’t be the pretend family that he is living with.

  • Rog

    you do realize that “keep it in your pants” was defeated in roe vs wade allowing women the right to have an abortion if they choose to do so right? one of feminism`s greatest court wins?
    so by your logic this “right” women have to choose should be removed and they should just keep it in their pants?

    Roe VS Wade

    “When women are compelled to carry and bear children, they are subjected to ‘involuntary servitude’ in violation of the Thirteenth Amendment….[E]ven if the woman has stipulated to have consented to the risk of pregnancy, that does not permit the state to force her to remain pregnant”

    they are the strangers who plotted (yes plotted) to remove this child from its REAL father,, a parent who wants to be a parent, and they were temporarily successful thats all..

  • Rog

    the assumption that the mother should notify him is based on his assumed responsibility to pay if she keeps the child ,,, this gives him the right to apply for custody if she does not want the child,,, if you assume the father has to pay then you also have to assume he might want custody and must give him proper notice so he can adopt “btw i hope he sues her for child support thru the nose for this…”

  • tweesdad

    By the way, in addition to lobbying legislators, donate via Paypal to this father’s case, at the website given in the article. I just did.

  • tweesdad

    After reading some of the man-blaming comments in this thread (e.g. “He “GOT her pregnant”, as if pregnancy is something that a man does TO a passive helpless woman), it should be clear to most men that they have no rights, only responsibilities after sex, and are entirely at the mercy of the woman, who has all the options.

    None of the comments though hint at the motive for the girl hiding the pregnancy and putting up the baby for adoption. Here’s one – child support! If she handed over her baby to the obviously willing and able father, she would have been on the hook for 18+ years of support to a man, unthinkable for many women.

    So what’s a man to do? If he wants to have children, marry someone – at least a husband has a few more rights than an unmarried dad, but not by much.

    Otherwise, his options are:

    celibacy (the “keep it in your pants” argument, only applied to men for some reason),

    condoms (not 100% effective , and don’t leave used ones lying around),

    vascectomy (pretty much permanent).

    Obviously what we need is a safe, effective male Pill. Men should be lobbying for that in droves, and the more women’s groups protest and mock them for it, the more obvious it is necessary.

  • Guest1010

    How can any of you in support of CAS believe they follow the law????
    They did not in this case – Greg Johns was never notified he had a child because someone in the agency crossed off his last name and put James instead so that he would not be found. Clearly, someone in the agency committed fraud and therefore Greg has been denied the opportunity to be a Dad. The entire family is heartbroken by this. The Adoption agency followed the “Law” alright — their own “LAW”

  • Xtrnl

    If that’s your idea of justice, I’m thankful that you don’t make the laws. Let me guess.. you’re a woman!

  • TheAdoptionDigger

    If only your viewers/readers knew the totality of the trickery used by agencies – many of them allegedly “Christian” – to obtain adoptable babies. Some agencies deliberately place required paternity notices in newspapers far from where the father lives, knowing he’ll never see it. Others ship expectant mothers to other states so the father’s registration with his state’s putative registry doesn’t get discovered. Others prompt mothers to declare they don’t know who their babies’ fathers are. Still others orchestrate the timing of the paternity filing process to fall outside of the legal window.

    If the mother of Greg Johns’ baby had opted to parent her own child, with the help of public assistance, you can bet your bippy Greg would have been dunned for child support for 18 years.. He wouldn’t have been able to get out of it. If nothing else, his wages would have been guaransheed. So why is it that he is considered the legal, responsible father when the mother parents, but is considered totally expendable when an agency gets involved in an adoption?

    It’s important to remember that what pays the bills at an adoption agency is not money coming from the parents of a baby, but from prospective adoptive parents. So who gets the greater consideration?

  • tjustice

    justice has been served. Greg has lost all court cases because the law was followed and this child is with his mother and father where he should be. Thankful from real justice.

  • Tommy

    Maybe the acquaintance found out after the baby was born. Then told the father when he/she found out, and that is how it transpired. Maybe they were close, or maybe it was a one night stand. Does that mean that state governments should have the control it has in matters like this. The important thing to remember is that he never signed over his rights, and the agency should be investigated for fraud.

  • Bill

    So if I look up North Carolina laws it will clearly show the father is not all he is cracked up to be? Does that make any sense? CAS or Christian Adoption Services employee whatever name you want to go by, if I were you I would keep researching because CAS or Christian Adoption Services committd fraud. This is a “black” market business, and CAS sold this mans son for a profit. Where is the integrity in the agency? Research Adoption cases and fraud and you find out that more and more adoption agencies have law suits against them because of stuff like this. No one is there to monitor adoption agencies. Especially when they can hide behind the an adoption statute that is clearly unconstitutional. Not real Christian like, is it CAS employee? I think you need to stop playing the bad father card, and know the truth yourself.

  • adoptivemother

    There is no way I would give him this little boy he wasnt around her after she got pregnant, wasnt even talking to her. If he had been around the birthmother he would have known she was pregnant! Christian Adoption Services does every thing the CORRECT way!!!!! I standby Christian Adoption Services 100%.

  • We The People

    Daddy spread his seed? haha How long have you been working for the agency? People have sex. When the woman becomes pregnant she needs to let the father know so then he can be there to raise HIS SON. I disagree with the spreading of the seed comment. Seriously how long have you been working for the agency?


    We The People

  • Adoption LIE$

    1. The agency manipulated adoption law. 2. We live by the Constitution of the United States, not by what a flawed adoption law states. Its safe to say that the father would have been there from the beginning. Wake up, just because something is a law does not mean we trump the Constitution. The goverment has to much control in situations like this.

  • Guest111111

    The agency is not ethical. They hide behind the name Christian and sold his son for a profit. They probably got tens of thousands of dollars for the sale. The adoption agency is not a single entity. There are people that make up the agency, and those people in the agency did the wrong thing. This agency disprected the integrity of adoptions, and committed a fraud.

  • Adoptive Mom of 3

    Part of NC law is that if a man has unprotected sex with a woman, it is HIS responsibility to follow up in the event a child was conceived. This man is being portrayed as an upstanding guy who was duped and lied to. He obviously did not follow up with the birth mother of this child for FOURTEEN months, and then only because an aquaintance let him know what happened to his child. I would say that is too little and too late. The birth mother of this child may have thought this man would not be a good father, otherwise, one would assume she would have felt confident in making him aware of her pregnancy and involving him in the decisions that needed to be made. I am a mom of 3 adopted children, 2 of whom were adopted through this agency. Don’t be quick to judge them and question whether or not they are Christian in their dealings, I assure you they operate within the letter of the law, and so do the attorneys they retain to handle all legal aspects of every adoption they do!

  • jdh

    No one seems to find a problem with this man getting a woman pregnant and then leaving her. If he is going to go around having sex with women, maybe he should follow up with them in several months to see if they are expecting. Too bad this man would rather be more concerned about HIS RIGHTS and not even consider the fact this poor child would be ripped from the STABLE, LOVING home with TWO parents to come to a stranger. This is consequence for sin. Leave your thing in your pants.

  • Annapolitan

    This is disturbing to read. The US Supreme Court has ruled that fathers must give their consent for adoption unless their paternal rights have been relinquished or terminated by the state court.

    In North Carolina, the putative father has to receive a notice of adoption proceeding. If he doesn’t respond to this within 30 days, the court terminates his parental rights.

    It sounds like Mr. Johns is saying he never received this notice and didn’t learn that he was the father of this child until after adoption had been finalized.

    Johns says that his last name was changed on the adoption agency’s notarized form from “Johns” to “James” and that the adoption agency is claiming they tried to notify him. He appears to be claiming that his name was altered, perhaps deliberately, in an attempt to circumvent the legal notification requirement.

    Therefore he hired an attorney to contest the adoption because he didn’t legally consent. But the court rejected his claim.

    By now this child is 18 months old and has bonded to his adoptive parents. I hate to even think how traumatic it would be for this little boy to be removed from the care of the only parents he’s ever known.

    In any case concerning custody of a minor, the prevailing consideration is what is in the best interests of the child. That should override any “ownership” claims a parent might have, even in a case such as this, when the father says he was never notified that there was an adoption pending and he could not assert his rights to contest the adoption in a timely fashion.

    I do think Mr. Johns may have a valid claim against the adoption agency, though. He says that that the mother of his son completed papers listing him as the father, and that it appears that his name on those papers was crossed out/altered to another name. He suggests that this may have been done by someone at the adoption agency in an attempt to prevent him from being notified of the impending adoption and challenging it. It would be a costly undertaking to sue the agency, though, and he’s already spent 100K in challenging this adoption.

  • LAM

    Not sure why there are angry comments towards Greg from people who don’t know him. He is not innocent? What is he guilty of? Interview was one sided? Then interview the ex and the adoption agency….Ohh..that’s right. The adoption agency has no comment. His ex was not a one night stand, just a relationship gone bad. I’m not sure how many relationships end and the couple remain “friends” or congenial, but I would guess not a lot. It’s rare rather than the norm. Maybe Greg broke up with her and this was her way to “get even”.
    No one will know because she isn’t saying, and probably never will. Keep fighting Greg! There has to be some lawyer or organization that is not all about money but JUSTICE!

  • Guest28405

    I would like to know how long he and the mother dated. They obviously weren’t close if he didn’t know she was pregnant until after the baby was born. Was it a casual relationship? It said he found out about the baby through a mutual acquaintance, who obviously didn’t think it necessary to tell him about the pregnancy before the birth?

  • CAS

    Do you really think this guy is so innocent?? Please look up the laws in North Carolina and you will see the courts clearly showed beyond a shadow of a doubt this father is not all he’s cracked up to be in this video. This is such a one sided video but unfortunately the truth can not be told to the public because this involves a CHILD and his privacy. Please know the whole truth before making judgements. Christian Adoption Services is the most reputable and ethical agency I have ever researched.

  • VKW

    Stop with the electronic outrage and call your local and state elected officals. The number to the North Carolina General Assembly is 919-733-4111 and give them the county you live in and they will connect you to your representative. The officials we elect have the power to stop these CRAZY judges, however we must make them do their jobs.

    If you are going to only post a comment and go on with your day then you best believe that there is a possability that you will be a victim of this same corrupt and unjust system. Make the DAMN call today! Because I am going to make the call on Mr. Johns behalf.

  • adoptive mother

    My daughter was adopted from this agency and they did NOTHING but follow the law to a T. It has taken over 6 months to terminate the birth fathers rights as they have tried to find him and clearly let us know we were in a legal risk until then. They put it in the paper, talked to the birthmother and family and much more. I know this is standard procedure in all of their adoptions. They are not the bad guys in this situation. Maybe the father shouldn’t be sleeping around with people he has no relationship with and a woman that would lie to this extent? This is a very sad situation where no one wins. I can’t imagine being the adopted parents in this case. How sad it is the whole way around.

  • mom

    how pathetic to think this extremely ethical agency would conspire and cross out the man’s name. Their desire is to put babies in need in Christian homes. They are too busy with needs to try to steal peoples babies. Maybe daddy should not spread his seed if he doesn’t intend to watch it grow??

  • Adoption

    It is easy to be swayed by emotions, but the question is: Did the agency follow NC adoption law? Any of us can speculate who scratched out what, or slander this agency by saying they committed fraud and are running a scam. But we don’t have all the facts. If they completely followed what the law of this state requires (mind you there has already been one judge to review this case and ruled according to NC adoption law), then there is nothing else to talk about it. If you think the law is unfair, then do something about it. Talk to your lawmakers. One more note, whether or not the birth mother in this case had a responsibility to notify the birth father that she was pregnant can certainly be argued. But please don’t pretend that this man had no responsibility. It takes two, and whether the sex they had was with or without birth control, he knew what causes pregnancy and he also had a responsibility to find out if a pregnancy resulted. In some cases, that can be considered abandonment. Judgment of this young man and judgment of this agency from anyone outside of the case is frivolous and unproductive.

  • Guest01

    I’m not going to sit here and say “job well done WWAY” because this story is so one sided it’s pathetic. There’s been no mention of the child’s best interest, nor what the adoptive parents are feeling at this time (they’ve been the only caregivers for this child for 18 months). There’s been no “real” look at what NC adoption laws really say. Let’s get the facts straight and not be so one sided. Is it a sad case? Of course! And to think that people actually are on here saying that the agency crossed out names and re-wrote them is really sad and desperate. They’ve been in this business for a long time, do your research, they know they would be closed down for an action like that. Let’s learn more about what the law actually says instead of just a pity party as a way to get attention.

  • Lenora

    Wow..A lot of anger toward someone you do not even know. Thank God that the law was followed in your case but it was not in his. Why would you be passing judgement about who should be sleeping with whom. It is very sad for all involved but try to put yourself in his position. He is being denied his rights.

  • JC

    So what you are saying is that everytime a man has sex he has to call months later, and ask if she is pregnant. The birthmother is a liar, and he does not have her medical records!!! HELLO!! I would not follow up with every girl I had sex with, that is just plain nonsense. It is never to late. This is HIS SON, and if never signed over his rights as a parent then under the Law of Humanity and the Constitution, he should have is son. I would think bc you had to adopt and know the pain of not being able to have children your thinking would be more rational. This adoption agency sold you 2 of your 3 children. Maybe they did everything by the books in your case, but dont fool yourself into thinking they are not capble of this. There is proof of fraud. The adoption agency is a business, and their business is selling babies, and business is good. I rather not take your assurance. God Bless <3

  • LAM

    I never knew there were so many saints in this Country…all ready to condemn Greg for having unprotected sex with his girlfriend. So glad they never made any mistakes in their lives. Hope heaven has enough room for them all.

  • Missy

    WAKE UP!!! He was around after she got pregnant. She never told him. She made a choice to keep it a secret, and sign over her rights. The birthmother should have notified him when she found out she was preg. She was probably to salty that he moved on. People break up. Christian Adoption Services obviously does not do everything CORRECT, bc they would have not committed FRAUD. I hope christian adoption services gets SLAMMED in CIVIL COURT for the fraud and the illegal selling of this mans baby. Shame on the adoption agency. Seems like they hide behind the name Christian. PATHETIC!!!

  • Family

    Maybe you didn’t listen to the story – he found out when his baby was 6 months old and has been trying to get custody ever since. The courts dragged this on all these months – if they were after him for support you could be sure he would have been in the courtroom long before the end of October. You have no idea what this has done to him or his family – namely his parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Don’t be so harsh in judging when you do not know all the facts – he is a good guy.

  • Adoption

    Unfortunately, there can be an ugly side to adoption. That much is true. But it is not true with this agency. Adoptive parents do not buy babies. The fees they pay go toward birth mom counselors, social workers, attorney fees, and more. I know for a fact this agency in question is not rolling in the dough from adoptions. And you have no idea how many birth moms have made adoption plans with them and changed their minds. Some even after the births of their children. And the agency does not try to persuade them or intimidate them into changing their minds back toward adoption. because in our state that is illegal. And this agency follows the law.

  • Adoption

    There is a lot of anger being displayed toward this agency, many allegations of fraud and a mention of this agency “selling” a baby. Wow. Early judgment on both sides. The person who posted this may not know this man, but the other posters don’t know the agency either. It’s foolish to jump to conclusions either way.

  • Riley

    Consequence of sin and leave the thing in your pants!!! OMG you are a joke jdh. Seriously people have sex when they date. The birth mother obviously never told him she was preg. This man does not care just about his rights he cares about HIS SON, and cares that the adoption agency committed fraud. Get a life loser. STABLE, LOVING, TWO parents whatever your brain wants to think. Reality is this man is the father, he was lied to and he has every right to fight for his son, and to have custody of HIS SON. I am glad the adoption agency got caught, they should be investigated and then whoever helped in the fraud should be put in PRISON. People have sex all day everyday. The birth mother should have done the right thing and said something. It would not suprise me if she has mental problems. This man is doing the right thing. Do not give up Mr. Johns, WE THE PEOPLE, are behind you. This adoption agency has no integrity and gives the true meaning of adoptions a bad rap. Adoption was never intended to usurp a fathers rights.

  • Birthmother

    A few years ago, I placed my son with Christian Adoption Services in an open adoption. Well, it was supposed to be open but as soon as adoption was final, all communication stopped. There were things that bothered me during my pregnancy. Doris was very manipulative, and being young I trusted her and the couselor more than my gut. I feel for this father and his situation because I know how these people are. I wonder if Doris applied manipulated the child’s mother the same way.

  • 324


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