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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — “Iron Man 3” filming is underway. Maybe you noticed detours downtown this morning. Chestnut between 2nd and 3rd streets was closed for filming.

Fences were set up to keep people away from the “Iron Man 3” set, but they’re certainly not enough to keep some fans from getting as close as they can.

“Hopefully to see one of the actors; maybe the director,” said fan David Koser, who drove more than five hours from Spartanburg, SC, to see filming in downtown Wilmington.

Police and security guards kept fans back as crews filmed inside the Cape Fear Club. As some people watched from the street, Koser and his friends got a birdseye view from a nearby parking garage.

“I’m a fan of action movies, and I’m a fan of the comics, so watching the ‘Iron Man’ movie just kind of makes sense,” Koser said.

For now the only thing he’ll see are crew members and transport vans.

“We’re all hopeful that we’re going to end up at least meeting someone,” Koser said.

But these fans were not so lucky Tuesday. Insiders tell us star Robert Downey Jr. pulled away from the set in a SUV before fans could catch a glimpse.

We’ve also learned that the crew is also filming scenes near Wilmington International Airport.


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