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BALD HEAD ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — A man is dead after he fought the current off Bald Head Island trying to help others and drowned.

Kevin Scott Roberts, 43, of Mt. Lookout, WV, drowned Monday after being caught by a strong current off Bald Head Island. Roberts was among five people that tried to save three swimmers that were struggling off the east end.

“We were able to launch our craft from the beach and respond very quickly, and as a result we were able to rescue seven people from the water,” Village of Bald Head Island spokeswoman Karen Ellison.

Crews found Roberts an hour later. He was pronounced dead in Southport.

Officials on Bald Head Island say warning signs are posted across the island advising visitors of the danger of rip currents and tides, which may have been affected by the full moon Monday.

“It’s important while on all of our beaches, whether it’s here on Bald Head Island or on any other beaches in this area, that people remain cautious and know their surroundings and always be aware of what the ocean is doing.”

The drowning raises question about the need for lifeguards on the beach. Ellison says because the beaches are state-maintained the decision is out of the village’s hands.

Officials say this may serve as a reminder to be aware of the conditions and respectful of the ocean.

Ellison says Roberts’ family left the island monday night after the accident.


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  • shawn saxton

    we all still miss you kevin you are still in are hearts and i no alot ofpeople wish you were still here with us but mabye you are back with marry up there you was a great friend to me i had alot of fun hanging out with him he was the greatest guy out there

  • Jane D.

    My family and I left the beach that evening just as the rescue crews arrived and assumed a swimmer was in trouble, but we did not understand the full extent of what was happening. We were saddened to hear that Mr. Roberts lost his life. The current was deceptively strong that day and warning signs were not properly posted. The only warning sign we saw was almost completely buried by a sand dune. Your family will be in our prayers.

  • Little brother

    Lets focus on Anthony and Nechole,these were Kevins kids and they are the most important people right now!!
    No more trying to start junk if you need to talk about it give me a call!!!!!!

  • Kevins brother

    If this is about the belongings left behind where Kevin was staying,Well let it be known that if my neice and nephew ask me to go get what is rightfully theres, well SO BE IT i will always be here for these kids and if it upsets anyone just give me a call!!!! I handled the situation in the same manner as Kevin would have if the shoe was on the other foot! We loaded and took what belonged to Kevin and his children!Greed no it wasnt,just doing what i was ask to do!!!! My wife and i ask for nothing,and if this comment is directed to me my name is Mike,my number is on my facebook page give me a call and we can meet up and settle this face to face! As if we arent going through a hard enough time without people trying to start stuff. Grow up or grow a pair,either or there is still things that belong to Kevin and his kids and i can PROMISE as soon as the kids say unkcle mike will you,i will be on my way!

  • Angela Legg

    Kevin was a true friend and hero to all who knew him. He was more than a co-worker to all who worked with him. Kevin was family. There was never a time that he did not have a smile on his face, nor could anyone have a bad day with him around. He always found something positive in every situation. May God bless Nicole, Anthony, Lori and there families with their tragic loss. He had been so happy with Lori and talked about their wedding everyday at work.

    To all who have posted negative comments: Think before you speak. You did not know him nor his family. If you did you would never say anything nasty about any of them, as they are all really good people! Knowing him, he would have done it again, again, and again as he loved children. That’s where his heart was each and every day. He was very passionate about his family, job, and co-workers. He is truly a hero and will never be forgotten! Thank God for the miracle of him saving the children involved.

  • surviver #2

    the man that drown was an honest hard working man who loved kids and his family and he jumped in to save his two neices ,his stepson, and his stepson’s girlfriend. the man that gave his life too save us was a nice and loveing man and although I did not know him very well i wish i knew him better. I will always be in debt to him and i love him. he was a very kind man that took care of every one eles before he did him self and he was going to do so much for and with us and even though my aunt and him did not get a peice of paper saying that they were married, from the moment when he asked her to marry him and she said yes they were married and they will always be forever in love and yes he is a hero because he saved us kids and please if you did not know him dont be rude. know the whole story first. there were no signs where we were at and thank you to all the nice people that prayed with us and all the nice things you did and all of your prayers they are appreciated an bald head island is not a bad place so dont think that it is and thank you. just plese know the whole story before you say anything about me. uncle keven was a good man,helping scared kids and he would do it again if he had to and to all the haters out there if you knew him you would change your mind so plese if you post things just dont be rude. I love my uncle kevin, he was the best person you would ever meet. just be nice please that is all I ask

  • Esther

    It never ceases to amaze me the greed in people when a loved one dies. The poor man would turn over in his grave, if he was in it – there has not even been a funeral yet, and already the ugliness of the human spirit of greed has set in. As a matter of fact, within minutes of giving life to save others, the greed set in and showed it’s ugly head. It would not have been “stolen or kept” from those
    who rightfully were granted it, but to be so quick to grab and go, is disgusting. Shame shall follow you in the future and someday perhaps you will lose all you own and then maybe you will realize that “life” is more important than money and things.

  • Shelia

    This will be my last post on this subject. It really does not make any difference the circumstances that lead up to Kevin’s death. He is still gone. The family’s are still mourning and devastated. The teenagers that were there are still blaming themselves for what happened. It was no ones fault. It was a terrible accident. I hope that anyone that ever has to suffer a lose like this will have as much love, support and compassion as our family does. The 60 plus members of Lori’s immediate family will truly miss him and will forever be in his debt. Kevin will be by God’s side forever more. My God bless those who are ignorant of the facts and help them to be better people. Please bow your head in a silent prayer for all who have lost their lives no matter what the reason. We are all in danger of losing our life at any given moment. Thank you God for all the loving grace you give us all.

  • Esther

    To dumb & dumber and the other ones who posted comments that do not know what happened and should keep their mouths shut. You are heartless non-christians and I hope and pray that by the Grace of God you never have to lose a loved one and have other idiots as yourselves, post comments about them. Shame on you. THERE WERE “NO”
    SIGNS POSTED AND NO CAUTIONS ANYWHERE ON THAT SIDE OF THE ISLAND. It took the rescue crews and hour to get the children out of the water and and hour to find Kevin’s body. The parents and grandparents were watching carefully and had they been warned would never have allowed the children to go walking on the edge of the beach or anywhere near it. Pray to God that you get a heart and come common sense about you and some compassion, because some day you
    will need it from others and you will NOT receive it because of your un-Godly ways. I hate to stoop to your level and say these things, but you are hurting people who are very dear to me and our family will respect and treat them with love and kindness and be very protective. So keep your opinions to yourselves.

  • Esther

    Thank you Sis for commenting on the heartless non-christian who made that horrible comment. He did not know the facts, there were NO danger or caution signs on that beach. The family is devastated and you should be ashamed. Someday you will suffer a loss of someone you love and by the Grace of God I pray you will not have idiot’s like you posting horrible comments about it like you did. I hate to stoop to your level, but love my family(as all of us do) and are very
    protective of them. So please try to have some compassion in you life, you may need someone else’s someday.

  • Dre’

    I am a fellow co-worker who worked with Kevin. My heart goes out to all families involved and I pray that God will give you all the strength, courage & wisdom to survive this sad time in your lives. He was a “hero” to me at work. If I needed something fixed he would do it right then. If I needed a new appliance, he made sure he took care of it. There was not too many things that he would not take the time to help with. He will be greatly missed by me and many others. He always had a smile on his face, I never heard him say anything negative and he believed in the work that we do. Always believe he died doing what he did best – “helping others”
    God Bless you all & may heaven smile upon you.

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