US House vote helps Carolina Beach renourishment project


WASHINGTON, DC (WWAY) — The US House of Representatives has unanimously passed legislation authored by Rep. Mike McIntyre (D-7th District) to stop the US Army Corps of Engineers Corps from terminating the Carolina Beach renourishment project. The legislation was attached to the Corps budget bill and passed with unanimous support, according to McIntyre’s office.

Specifically, the language of the amendment would prohibit the use of funds for the termination of 50-year coastal storm damage reduction projects. The first project set to expire is in Carolina Beach in 2014.

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“This is one more step toward victory for Carolina Beach,” Rep. McIntyre said in a statement. “We must do everything we can to keep the Carolina Beach renourishment project going forward, as it is important for the economy and the environment of New Hanover County. This amendment should compel the Army Corps of Engineers to move forward with providing necessary guidance on the reauthorization of these projects to local communities in North Carolina and throughout the country. These projects are too important to be left in legal limbo!”

McIntyre’s office says the Congressman has been working several options to address this problem, including an effort to expand by ten years the authority for these 50-year projects. McIntyre says this amendment is necessary because no clear direction has been given for how 50- year projects are to be reauthorized upon expiration.

“Beach renourishment is critical to public safety and for the protection of private property for businesses and homeowners,” McIntyre said. “Ending this project and initiating a new start project from scratch would require potentially millions of dollars to be spent on duplicative reconnaissance and feasibility studies. That kind of spending is wasteful and unnecessary, would require many years of delay, and could put lives and property at risk from hurricanes and harsh weather.”

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