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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — While many government employees have gone years without a raise, workers at the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority can expect a pay hike soon.

The CFPUA board met at the New Hanover County Government Center for its board meeting this morning. On the agenda: the budget for the next fiscal year, including increased wages for employees.

After a drawn out conversation, the board agreed on a new budget that will mean pay increases for some employees. According to board member Gene Renzaglia, CFPUA workers deserve an increase.

“Every year that we’ve been in existence, we’ve been able to reduce our budget between 10 to 15 percent, and that’s our operating budget, and that’s because of the work these people have, so it’s time to recognize them for the efforts they put forward,” Renzaglia said.

Not every worker will get he same amount. Renzaglia said the board increased its budget 1.1 percent for worker reclassification. That means that some employees will be compensated for added duties they have taken. Fifty-nine employees are eligible for that pay increase.

A 0.9-percent increase to the budget is for market competition. CFPUA is doing this to compete with other organizations that are increasing their incoming pay scale. There are 225 employees are eligible for that one-percent increase.

Lastly, a two-percent merit increase will be made to the budget to compensate veteran employees for their work over the last four years. These wage increases will be based on performance reviews. Since the authority was formed in 2008, no worker has received a cost-of-living or merit increase in pay.

Now that’s all changing.

“As you look at the skill set that individuals have to have, we have to compete with various organizations throughout our community and raises and increases have occurred,” Renzaglia said.

The new modifications mean a 3.9-percent increase in the overall budget.

The new fiscal year begins July 1.


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