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WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — With a smoking ban under consideration at Wrightsville Beach, many people wonder if the town could even enforce such an ordinance. So what is legal? What’s not? And where?

At Wrightsville Beach the line in the sand is drawn at high tide. It’s called the 1939 Line, which defines town property from the dunes to the high water mark.

Wrightsville Beach Mayor David Cignotti says the fact that the town owns any of the beach makes it different.

“We’re a little unique at Wrightsville Beach, because most beaches couldn’t even attempt to do what we’re proposing, because they don’t own the land that’s out on the beach,” Cignotti said.

Cignotti says the proposed smoking ban that will be voted on in November may be affected by the line.

“In my opinion, we can enforce most of the beach,” Cignotti said. “You are correct in saying that someone could literally go into the water and smoke a cigarette. We could not enforce that.”

Cignotti says if this becomes a problem, Wrightsville Beach will contact the state about finding a solution. Visitors to the beach say if they are told something is illegal, they’re not going to waste their vacation trying to figure out loopholes.

“I think only the residents will know it and take advantage of that,” visitor Rose Burwell said. “Otherwise I think visitors will just obey the laws.”

A ban on drinking alcohol at the beach is enforced the same way a smoking ban would be. Mayor cignotti says the town stands by the drinking law and has never had a problem with anyone challenging it so far.


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  • Ashley

    I don’t think people smoking prevents you from breathing. If your concerned about air quality then you need to worry about automobiles since they impact air quality exponentially worse than smoking does. I bet you own a car….better get rid of it quick if you feel air quality affects your right to breathe…

  • JessW

    I’ve seen several comments in complaint of “freedoms” being stripped by passing a law stating that beach visitors are not allowed to smoke on the beach. I, for one, would be ecstatic to hear that I could visit a beach without having to walk through a cloud of cigarette smoke. Believe it or not, smokers can survive a few hours without smoking. A question for smokers: what about the right to breathe? No one is telling adults it’s illegal to smoke, but when your actions directly affect the health of people around you, it’s inconsiderate and childish to complain about laws such as this one. I’d like to see a smoking ban in all public areas, mainly because there are so many non smokers who have to deal with the smell and the inability to breathe when smokers decide they can’t wait a little longer to get in their cars or get home to light up. It is extremely rude to smoke in public, and unesessary.

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