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FAIR BLUFF, NC (WWAY) — There’s a new top cop in the Columbus County town of Fair Bluff, and he has a familiar name. Justin Hewett replaces Marty Lewis, who was fired after being arrested last month.

“We are going to do all that we can as the police department and myself as the new chief to do better and to make Fair Bluff a safer place,” Hewett said right after accepting the job.

After more than a month, the Fair Bluff has finally moved past the cloud created by the arrest of Lewis, who was charged with selling drugs on duty.

Mayor Randy Britt says he looks forward to the new direction the town is going in with Hewett.

“Police department security in your community is of vital importance,” Britt said. “I think reorganizing with Justin putting a new department together is going to be a very big positive for the town of Fair Bluff.”

Hewett is the son of former Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett. Ron was sent to federal prison after pleading guilty to obstruction of justice and embezzlement charges in 2008.

“I learned a lot of my law enforcement experience from him,” Justin Hewett said of his father. “He did do things that he possibly should not have done. He did not do things that other sheriffs and administrators in North Carolina don’t do daily.”

Information that led to Ron Hewett’s removal from office in 2008 included county money being spent on Justin, including giving him a badge when he was too young to be a deputy. Even after Justin was hired as a police officer in Holden Beach, records showed $1,622.52 in taxpayer money spent to fuel a county vehicle his father assigned to him.

Both Justin and Britt say he is a different man than his father, and Justin’s record speaks for itself.

As well as serving in Holden Beach, Justin Hewett also assisted the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office in Fair Bluff after the removal of Lewis.


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  • Roger

    Is the Mayor and the Board on drugs for hiring this guy? What is Gods name are they thinking, it is clear that this guy is as big as a crook as his worthless scumbag father. He was involved in the criminal activities of his father,,,he was an adult when his father was using taxpayer money to fund his using and destroying police vehicles, as well as the money used for his unauthorized training,,and god only knows what else.. Remeber the old adage “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” well it is the truth in this case,,,and mark my words the same thing that took his criminal father down,,will take him down to. You people are nuts!

  • frustrated at fair bluff

    As I read all the media reports and comments from individuals I am appalled at the presumptuous thinking of people!!! My heart goes out to chief Hewett ans former chief Lewis. Justin is already being judged and Lewis is already guilty according to many of you! Give Justin a chance and give Marty one too. We don’t know the details surrounding either of their situations. I promise you former Chief Lewis could reveal a lot of details regarding fair Bluff
    Former chief Lewis did not have full time officers for many days and plead for assistance from FB town council….now they are hiring more officers, getting new cars and paying them more money which all officers deserve!! Maybe the SBI needs to take a look at the town government…I thik you could get the answers to a lot of this town’s issues. Prayers for Chief Hewett and former Chief Lewis and the town council!!!

  • I-know-Fair-Bluff

    The decision to ask for the resignations of all auxiliary officers in the Fair Bluff Police Department was not a decision of Justin Hewett; it was a decision of the Fair Bluff Board of Commissioners. They felt that the way to go was to rebuild the department from the bottom up. Yes, Justin Hewett made the phone calls, but the calls were made at the direction of the Fair Bluff Board of Commissioners, for whom Justin now works. No auxiliary officer is precluded from being reinstated. This is no different from the highest levels of the federal government where cabinet members have routinely been asked to submit resignations after Presidential elections; in most cases, they are retained.

  • PublicAvenger

    Volunteer Cops are a bad idea. Leland tried it, 20 years ago, when they were starting out. Yes, they managed to get free services, and many were good professionals.

    But, 2 or 3 were cowboys. And the many tens of thousands in lawsuits, it cost them, was much more then what they saved.

    Many of these “volunteers” were exploited. “You better come in Friday night, if you want a good record, and a reccomendation, when you send out resumes.”

    I kew one “volunteer”, who worked a regular job, and had to “volunteer” 16 hours a week. He was stuck, he wanted to keep his certification, and become a full time cop, real bad. So he had no other choice, but to wag his tail, and pretend he was happy to be working for free.

  • Guest2020

    It’s a shame that people cannot leave the new chief’s criminal father out of this, but regardless of anyone’s version of the story, Ron Hewett is a convicted criminal.

  • sam333@yahoo.com

    Way to go Justin…. Be your own man! Forget the nuts that don’t know the real story with your dad… As the Army says be all you can be!! You will show people that your family has and will too!!!!

  • 1234567


  • You make my heart swell with pride! All the negative comments about your Dad come from ignorant people. Continue to be the fine young man that you are and know that most comments come from jealousy. YOU will go far in life and Fair Bluff is a much better place having you look after it’s citizens.

  • stm

    To quote an earlier post…”Again, they did not hire Ron Hewett as chief, they hired Justin. He is his own man so let’s remember that when we make our opinions.” That may be true, but he did wear the uniform and badge that daddy gave him. Bad idea Fair Bluff.

  • Debra Torlay

    Welcome to Fair Bluff, Chief Hewett! You are a welcome addition to our town!

  • Guest12123

    The real issue is he actually qualified for the job. What was his position in Holden Bch? Did he supervise anyone and for how long. Most people who know anythiong about being a chief at least have held the rank of Sgt or Lt. in another job. Has he ever done an employee evaluation on a subordinate? Also should be dressed in a suit for the new lofty position. A collared polo please!!!

  • Ann Hales

    Justin will do a great job for Fair Bluff. CONGRATULATIONS Justin you have worked hard for this and I for one I.m PROUD of You.

  • Guest88

    I’m gonna sleep better tonight knowing that there isn’t as many sinners in this world as I had originally thought! Thank the Lord! What is it that Jesus says oh yeah “he who is without sin cast the first stone”……. everybody duck there’s gonna be alot of stone throwing in BC………………Congrats Justin!!

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