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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A UNCW police officer demoted for showing up to work under the influence has made a long journey back up the ranks. Recently the department promoted him to lieutenant.

In 2010, not long after being selected as UNCW Police Officer of the Year, Charles Lindsey was demoted for reportedly showing up for work under the influence of alcohol.

Lindsey had been honored back for having the most DWI arrests in the UNCW Police Department. A few days after receiving the award he allegedly came to work reeking of alcohol.

Now he’s moving back up the ranks within the department. His recent promotion increased his salary more than $15,000.

In an official statement the university said, “Officer Lindsey fully complied with the requirements of the demotion, and he has had satisfactory performance reviews for the past 25 months. Since university or state personnel policy did not prohibit him from applying for a position at a higher rank, officer lindsey was fully eligible to apply for the promotion to lieutenant in 2012.”

The university also said Lindsey was the most qualified candidate to fill the position.

We tried to talk to UNCW Police Chief David Donaldson about the promotion, but he was not available.

Lindsey’s first day serving as lieutenant was last Wednesday.


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  • Concerned Parent

    As the parent of a UNCW student who earlier in the year was approached by a UNCW police officer while his vehicle was stopped, had an alcohol level of .00, given a roadside sobriety test, had his car searched, handcuffed and taken to jail where he was held for approximately eight hours, ultimately charged with DUI and under 21 consumption (later told by the officer that he “failed” the roadside sobriety test), this infuriates me. We have paid out a lot of money trying to straighten this mess out, and the nightmare is still not over. This is such a double standard…… I can only hope that the officer’s raise is not coming from the increased tuition we are paying at UNCW.

  • Truthseeker

    He gets Police Officer of year for the most DWI arrest and then turns around and shows up under the influence of alcohol. How did he get home, drive? What happened to the old adage “whats good for the goose is good for the gander”. Another example of police officers getting different treatment from those who they arrest for the same thing they are doing. It is just not fair and demonstrates the poor decision making process that is demonstrated by UNC-W officials at every level. I bet you that if a New Hanover Sheriff’s Deputy showed up for work reaking of alcohol he or she would be fired, not promoted!

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