STORMTRACK 3: Slow-moving Debby is weaker, will move into the Atlantic this week


    WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — We continue to monitor Tropical Storm Debby here in the StormTrack 3 Weather Center. The storm is now a truly weak tropical system, and is just barely drifting toward Florida. The worst seems to be over for Florida now, as the heaviest of rains have dissipated and some dry air has worked into the system. 

    A cold front moving through the Carolinas will push south today and keep Debby over Florida for several days. It will also start to nudge the system a touch farther east, which will eventually put the circulation over the Atlantic Ocean. Timing on this departure is particularly foggy — but recent trends suggest this could happen as soon as tomorrow. 

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    If the weak storm can survive the trip over the Florida peninsula, there is some opportunity for some modest strengthening over the Atlantic. There are many possible tracks at this point, which include a curve toward the Carolina coasts or a straight track right out to sea. Right now the out to sea scenario appears far more likely.  

    Just to be on the safe side, we won’t sound the "all clear" just yet here at home.

    Stay with us as we track the storm this week. You can follow the storm on our mobile app, or head to Hurricanes 101 for all the latest. 

    – Meteorologist Tim Buckley