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By Shelby Sebens

The Wilmington City Council could consider moving forward with a $42 million baseball bond referendum at the next regular meeting on July 10. According to city emails, the council could consider a resolution that would direct staff to publicize a plan to apply for Local Government Commission approval for the general obligation bonds.

But Mayor Bill Saffo says that number is high.

“That’s not a number I feel like at this point I can support,” he said when told about the proposed resolution that he had not seen. He said he does not know where the $42 million came from other than it was the high end of a proposed cost for the baseball stadium.

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  • Vog46

    One news outlet here in town is reporting that Fulton/McCoy did NOT file an affidavit with the petition in accordance with the city bylaws.
    McCoy says its no problem, and the signatures have been verified by the BOE. This is an interesting turn of events and could give the city a way to approve the stadium without considering the petition or the bond referendum. This of course would be political suicide for any politician. But it definitely shows what happens when you don’t seek legal help in dealing with things like this.
    Fulton and McCoy I hope have learned something through all of this
    Not a peep out of WWAY and Star News on this so far…….which I find odd.

    Best Regards

  • Rick Wilson

    So…..how many people that do not get to sit in the air conditioned sky boxes want to go watch a single A baseball game in this heat? This can solve many problems. You can lose weight, add to the wealth of Mandalay and the Braves, increase deodorant sales, and increase bug spray sales. Is this the economic boom this stadium will provide? This will also give give job security to EMS and the local hospitals as they care for the heat stroke victims. What a deal! All this for only 42 million dollars and counting……

    I guess the State Legislature can pass another law that does not allow it to get this hot anymore…..

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