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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A state representative from Wilmington is defending her vote that helped override Gov. Bev Perdue’s veto of a bill on fracking. The vote is also earning Rep. Susi Hamilton (D-18th District) a lot of criticism.

“I think what we’ve done is traded clean water for North Carolina for unsure promises and for other issues,” Cape Fear Sierra Club Chairman Mac Montgomery said.

Despite what some environmentalists think, Hamilton says she voted monday night in the best interest of the environment. Hamilton, who has voted against proposals to explore fracking in the past, decided to vote against the governor’s veto. Depending on how you look at it, that vote made the difference.

“I believe very strongly that had we not compromised and passed this bill that, they would resurrect Senate Bill 709, or what I like to call ‘Drill, baby, drill,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton’s name was on a letter to Perdue last week, asking for her to veto the fracking bill. She says that was a miscommunication, and that she only wanted Perdue to veto one of the bills the letter addressed, not the fracking bill.

“I never saw the letter before it was sent out,” Hamilton said. “There was no malice intended there. Had I seen the letter before it went over to the governor’s office, I would have asked that my name be removed.”

Hamilton’s vote was also rumored to be part of a deal to extended state film incentives. She says that bill is a separate issue.

“There’s not a whole lot of trust between the parties up there right now,” Hamilton said. “I’ve been very plain my entire political career about wanting film incentives to stay in place.”

A Charlotte-area Democrat also voted for the override. Rep. Becky Carney says she hit the wrong voting button.

Meanwhile, Hamilton was recently named a “Rising Star” by the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters. Today that organization rescinded the award.


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  • angry


  • Chuck L.

    What a JOKE she’s turned out to be!! She’s a GOP in hiding!
    May be the film people should film now before All hell breaks lose!!
    REMEMBER her NAME people!! The “FLIP-FLOP!! Don’t let up on her like she let up on us!! GREED won her over! She’s a LOSER NOW and a PROVEN LOSER!!

  • Guest9743

    You can now thank Chief Justice John Roberts, a repulican appointee for giving you the priviledge of reading it and knowing what’s in it….he really, really let a lot of republicans down but only a few have the testicular fortitude to admit it.

  • Will Ming

    She may be saying this, but she had to change the setting on her facebook wall so that people would stop posting negative comments like “sell out” and “I’m so disappointed.”

    She’s been around for one term and many, many other senior leaders completely disagree with her position. She has no idea what would be best for the environment in the longer term and only voted that way so that Wilmington would get $60 million in film incentives.

  • taxpayer

    the Dems in Congress said we have to pass this bill (Obamacare) to know what’s in it.

  • Rich

    I hope she’s ready to change her party affiliation before the next election. Hamilton whored away our water quality and land rights for one year of financial incentives. Very Republican, Susi.

  • Erlkoenig

    why stop there? Go ahead and blame fracking for the heat wave and Dawsons Creek being cancelled.

  • Vog46

    I don’t dislike Hamilton for flip flopping or compromising that’s what politicians should do.
    She voted without even reading what she was voting for. This is a reprehensible act of stupidity on any politicians part IMHO.
    I am all for energy independence but I’m not convinced that fracking is the answer as of yet. I would prefer they do the standard oil drilling off the coast to look for more oil. Heck they should erect wind farms off the coast as well.
    In this case we’re looking at 5 years worth(?) of gas. I wonder if that is worth the environmental risk. This is different then the situation in North Dakota where the known oil shale deposits contain millions of barrels of frackable oil and gas.
    Our level of importing oil has fallen over the last couple of years due in part to increases in domestic production – most of which is from fracking.
    Anyway, Hamilton is an idiot – not for voting FOR fracking but for not reading what she was voting for.

    Best Regards

  • KrisC

    An earthquake last year was thought to have been the result of fracking. Is this what we want, to blow up the world, because that is what is going to happen. If you want to see ecological disaster, just go and take a look at what strip mining in WVA did. They’ve hidden it pretty well from the road with landscaping, but it’s still there. The oil and gas people are one in the same. Blow everything to smithereens.

  • Erlkoenig

    Given that she is a Democrat I’m sure this is part of some back door deal. However, supporting America’s energy independence is always a good thing. Of course that will alienate the America-haters, AKA, liberals, Islamofascists, Obummunists, Bruce K.

  • Truthseeker

    Anything those environmental wackos support I am against so good job, you got my vote. These people are the ones who try to stop anything positive for the economy over their concern for their perverted view of how we should live. They try to stop Titan, the tire plant, caterpillar and have the southern end of the state void of anything positive for new business. To hell with them and I vote for anyone who goes opposite their cause. Chop a tree down and burn some plastic!

  • Guest 50

    Hamilton is an idiot. There is no nice way to put it except tell it like it is.

    Carny needs to get her act together. Something like this you don’t just accidentally hit the wrong button. When your mind isn’t on what you are suppose to be doing you mess up.

  • guesty

    Isn’t it odd she put her name on a letter she never saw or took the time to read.

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