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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A man charged in a cocaine bust that led to the death of a Brunswick County Sheriff’s K-9 will spend more than 11 years in prison.

A federal judge sentenced Jamie Gonzalez-Lopez, 33, of Mexico, to 135 months imprisonment. Gonzalez-Lopez pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possession with intent to distribute and distribute 500 grams or
more of cocaine and possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine.

Prosecutor say on July 16, 2011, a government agent ordered a kilogram of cocaine from Gonzalez-Lopez, which he and another person delivered to an area in Ash. Gonzalez-Lopez hid the cocaine in a field prior to completing the sale. Law enforcement arrested Gonzalez-Lopez and his co-defendant after they had been shown the buy money.

Deputies sent K-9 Viper into the field to find the hidden cocaine. Viper found the cocaine, but ripped open the package and accidentally ingested some of the cocaine, which killed the dog.

The investigation reveled that Gonzalez-Lopez was responsible for distributing more than five kilograms of cocaine.


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  • Guest08

    Roy you just wanted to see your name and comment in the paper.Hey what about you and your friends Leroy that get high from time to time .Thats right you gave it up after college.

  • claude slagenhop

    Crazy drug war. Stop the drug war and let them all out of jail. We cant afford it anymore.

  • Jamesb

    Was this guy here illegally? Ya, IT MATTERS. The impression Obama and others leavve us with is that “illegals are Americans too, no problem – they just want a better life.”

    Sure, distributing large volumes of cocaine?

    RIP to the drug K-9, doing his job, died in the line of duty.

  • Guest334

    He was no doubt sentenced for drug dealing, but there is a trend of giving police dogs authority over human beings. It’s very disturbing and needs to stop. When killing a police dog is prosecuted in the same way as killing a police officer we have a severe problem.

    When drugs are legalized the cartels will go out of business overnight.

  • Willbur

    I don’t condone what the man did, but this doesn’t seem right. If a cop trips over his shoelaces and breaks his neck chasing someone – does the perp get charged with murder? If so that is crazy.

  • NoNonSenseK9

    Pro canine behaviorist and trainer for 4 decades. This is the result of POOR TRAINING. Can we throw Cesar Milan BACK over the fence YET?

    I’ve done thousands of sniff dogs and a HUGE emphasis is always put on NOT touching the contraband when it’s found. Obviously this applies to accelerants and explosives or we’d be going through dogs like Obummer goes through taxpayer dollars.

    DEFINITELY jail the coke dealer for anything and everything you can, but let’s train your dogs a bit better and save them from STUPIDITY as a cause of death on their certificates like in this case.

  • Bag of Hammers

    Blanket legalization would eliminate the cartels and the violence. We already have methadone clinics for junkies, why not cocaine clinics for the coke addicts? Oh ya that’s right, if we do that there can’t be a perpetual ‘war’ against the cartels which leads to militarization of your local police preinct. Great. I always laugh at the ‘conservatives’ who talk talk talk about cutting spending out of one side of their mouth, then out the other side they beg for the cops to get bulletproof this and that and tactical training and hire more officers and build more prisons and blaah blah blaah. Double standard much?

  • JustAGuy

    And after the 11 years are through, hopefully we’ll have a president who actually respects the law (unlike the current one) he’ll be deported.

  • ADM

    Revenge for the dead mutt.

  • Mike P

    I love dogs, but I can’t see how this scumbag is responsible for the dog’s death. The outrage is hardly ever there when cops shoot dogs on a no-knock warrent entry. Bad headline.

  • Mr Plum

    Hell, that dog should get 11 years for doing drugs.

  • dave

    He should die in jail – he (it) is a total POS

  • Skater

    Say what? Talk about a double standard! Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE dogs, and am saddened that this beautiful animal died. But what HYPOCRITES the police are! They seem to think they can shoot family pets with impunity when they encounter them, but when THEIR dogs are hurt it’s a crime??? How about the police show the dogs that belong to citizens the same respect they demand for their own dogs?

  • Roy

    Obama will soon be releasing drug offenders to vote in this years election…cocaine and all…ask around if they have heard of voter registration efforts at our prisons

  • Founders1791

    The lame stream media strikes(out) again and fails to even remotely TELL THE TRUTH.

    From the title, and throughout this article, it is conveyed to the reader that the defendant was sentenced to 11 years “..for the death of the dog…” when that was not the case AT ALL!

    Move on folks…..another story that is not what the title claims.

  • Spooner

    The use if innocent animals in the drug war is a shame. The officers should feel terrible for involving the animal in their intimidation and terror squad.

    As for the business owner, he was justified in protecting himself and his property. THere is no differnece in his actions and those of a gas station attendent defening his store from a gang of armed thugs (who happened to use a dog as well).

  • Ed Itter

    “The investigation reveled [sic] that Gonzalez-Lopez was responsible for distributing more than five kilograms of cocaine.”

    To revel means to take great pleasure or delight [in].

    WWAY TV3 actually wants its readers/viewers to believe that the “investigation” took great pleasure and delighted in Gonzalez-Lopez’s distribution of cocaine?

    Where is the evidence supporting your ridiculous assertion?

  • jaycee

    pedophiles walk free. BACKWARDS!!!

  • building-5

    “accidentally ingested some of the cocaine”?, lol, the dog ATE it. Plus, it’s a DOG., It’s not worth an 11 year sentence.

  • Testicus

    i fail to see how it’s Gonzalez-Lopez’s fault the dog died? dumb dog was sent by a dumber sheriff and ate the cocaine. i’m not pleased about illegal aliens from Mexico dealing drugs over here, and deporting him will only temporarily keep him from selling coke, but assigning guilt for something he didn’t do is the same as lying. the sheriff sent the dog to its death, not Gonzalez-Lopez.

  • alanwillingham

    Government agents sending a dog to find a dangerous substance instead of going after it themselves has once again resulted in a tragic and needless death. Children and dogs are not mentally developed enough to the point they should be forced to handle dangerous chemicals.

  • Anonymous Coward

    the police just shoot the family dog as SOP.

  • Red

    The judge gave this guy 135 months! He should have gotten 135 years!

  • Bo Hamburger

    Scooby Crack! Scooby Crack!

  • Wilmington Observer

    Wxactly how much time did this jerk get for the death of the law enforcement officer? It sounds as if all of his sentence was drug related. He sould have received, at least, eleven years for the death of Viper!!

    Wilmington Observer

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