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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)– The past few days at Greenfield Lake may not have been the most relaxing for park visitors. Dead fish and vegetation have surrounded the outskirts of the lake all weekend, affecting both the sights and the smells.

Wilmington Parks and Rec workers say the problem all stems from the weather. They say the heat the past few weeks has severely lowered the oxygen levels in the lake, causing many of its fish to die.

For those who visit the park, they say they have never seen it quite this bad despite hot summers in the past.

“A lot of my friends come and fish here. I love to fish myself and I don’t like seeing all the dead fish,” said park visitor Peter Gorman. “It bothers me quite a bit.”

Other park visitors say they might avoid the park all together for a while to avoid the sights and smells.

City Parks and Rec workers say there was a pump turned on Saturday to help circulate oxygen in the water. They say the dead fish should all be cleaned up by Monday.


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