Wrightsville Beach cop quits after DWI arrest


WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — A Wrightsville Beach Police officer is off the job. He quit this morning four days after being arrested for allegedly drinking and driving.

Wrightsville Beach Police Chief Dan House called Jordan Davis on his best officers. Troopers arrested Davis early Friday after he reportedly blew a point 0.08 BAC at a license check point on Eastwood Road and Airlie Road.

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“He is very proactive,” House said. “He does a great job. We’ve done a lot of changing within the agency, and he has been a big part of that change. For us it’s a sad day, it’s a sad day, because I think we lost one of our better officers.”

Even with conduct policies in place chief house says there is nothing the department can do to prevent incidents like this from happening. House says is sad to see an officer make an unfortunate decision that ultimately cost him his job.

“It was just a poor decision, and you know we can’t prevent that,” House said. “You know we have policies and procedures in place, and one of them does address alcohol use and conduct unbecoming an officer.”

Area residents were shocked at the news of the officer’s arrest, but they were understanding of his situation and agreed with Davis’s decision to resign..

“People should know their limits,” Wilmington resdient Laura Ambrogio said. “So I think that he should have known his limits, and should have known better than to drive. You know we all pay the consequences. I think that him taking that move was the right decision for him.”

Chief House said Davis was heading home from a party when he was stopped.

Davis is due back in court September 4.