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LUMBERTON, NC (AP) — A Columbus County man has been arrested and charged with killing a Lumberton police officer.

Twenty-seven-year-old Marques Ramon Brown of Whiteville was charged with murder Tuesday night.

He is accused of shooting Master Police Officer Jeremiah Montgomery Goodson Jr. at a gas station just off Interstate 95 late Tuesday morning.

The 33-year-old officer was off-duty when he saw a man wanted on other charges. Authorities say he waited for another officer before approaching the suspect’s car. As the officers walked up, authorities say the suspect began shooting, and Goodson was struck several times. He died a short time later at the hospital.

Goodson had been with the police department since 2006.

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  • Marianna King

    Another volatile officer who is sworn to protect and serve but it sounds like s/he would have a tendency to use excessive force.

  • Karla Marx

    I train officers in the prevention of the use of excessive force and the mean-spirited answer from the police officer is troubling because it indicates that he is ignorant and feels superior – a worrisome combination. I am concerned that he has a tendency to use excessive force.

  • angryGuest

    I find it sad to see here and still be hearing where its being said he souldnt have been doing anything off duty. The first problem is the news report. There were two people who actually saw what happened and the others running outside to be on tv said whatever they thought they heard the real witness say. He never tried to go up to that boy. As soon as he stepped out of the car he was gunned down. That boy was leaned all the way back in the seat waiting on the two girls in the store to buy their beer and blunt wraps. He sat up and shot him with his hand hung out the window and the drivers infant daughter in the back seat. Words were never exchanged. He didnt know he was in that car at the second. Its been two months. Ill tell it if i want, seems they want to let the press and the tv hungry low lives have everyone think thats what happened. That boy needs to die. He has ruined so many peoples lives including mine. The officer did nothing wrong.NOTHING!

  • tweety12

    Really,thats the best you could come of with.Are you talking to hear yourself……Sound like a little kid.

  • Rob Co

    You must have voted for Obama with a dumb comment like that. Typical left winger dont know nothing just talking to hear yourself talk. Your mother have any children that lived? WE ARE COPS 24/7!!!!!!

  • Guestrealitycheck

    To GuestV: Dear Mr. Ostrich, please place your head back in the sand. Good job MPO Goodson, rest in peace now, we’ll take it from here.

  • Truthseeker

    In response to your comment about being off duty. Off duty means not patroling, not in uniform, not performing regular police duties. It does not mean you ignore your sworn duty to enforce laws when you see them. Wilmington Police are allowed to use their Patrol Cars off duty in order to have a presence and available to assist in a situation where they are needed then, not waiting for on duty Officers to arrive. Police authority does not stop when not in uniform. It is an active authority when operating in their jurisdiction all the time. What you want a off duty Officer to do if he sees that you are being robbed or assaulted? You want him or her to stop and assist or keep driving since he is “Off duty”. You need to get your head out your butt and realize whether on duty or off crime fighting is 24 hours!

  • 381

    So if a gas station was getting robbed Officer Goodson shouldn’t intervene if he is off duty? If a person wanted for lewd acts on a child was getting in a taxi Officer Goodwin shouldn’t intervene and take immediate action? Officers are always on duty even when off duty. I understand you can play the what if’s all day long but, the point is Officer Goodson was only doing what most people would never think of doing. It’s comments like this that are true to an extent but are said in a way that makes cops look stupid and he is dead. He is dead and you are alive and all you can say like you know something “there needs to be revised officer protocols”. I mean come on REALLY.

  • portcity rider

    The sad about your comment,is that you are serious.He brought this on himself,fellow you are a jack@@@@@@@@@@s two time.

  • Tim

    My Hreat goes out to the family and fellow Officers,
    It’s things like this that happen because of such WEAK,Stupid officials like Sen. Tom Apodaca and other who chose to give SCUM like this IDIOT carry ILEGALLY and Chose to Block laws that give Legal Law Abiding Citizens to protect ourselfs. This Officer was on his day off and STILL doing his job. HERO in my Book.. Sorry POS!!! Hope they HEAT UP THE CHAIR for this A$$Whole!!! Things will never change until People like Sen.Tom Apodaca learn to do their JOBS and STOP PROTECTING THE SCUM THAT KILL PEOPLE!!!!

  • guesty

    I hope he is executed. I’m waiting on all the police bashers to come on here and spout off what an easy job it is being an officer. nchilltopper, ILM NATIVE and a few others are usually the first to post negative comments about police.

  • GuestV

    According to the article posted on this yesterday Ofcr. Goodson was off-duty at the time he was shot; He had waited for an on-duty officer to arrive then attempted to assist in the arrest of Brown. As sad as this situation is, Ofcr. Goodson should not have been further attempting to assist in the arrest after the on-duty officer arrived. Goodson brought this on himself by going into a potentially volatile situation without the proper equipment, i.e. a bullet-proof vest, etc. If policy permits Goodson police authority while off-duty there is a need to revise officer protocols when it comes to off-duty work as they are putting the safety of themselves and the public at risk.

  • noplclkhmlbg

    The murderer can say, “Kiss my butt goodbye”. Could he possibly have thought that life or the death penalty are better options than what he would have faced by surrendering.

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