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By Colleen Curry
ABC News

Penn State’s football team was spared the death penalty today but the university was fined $60 million and the school’s legendary former coach Joe Paterno was stripped of 13 years of wins and the title of winningest coach in history, the NCAA announced today.

“The historically unprecedented actions by the NCAA are warranted by the conspiracy of silence maintained at highest level of the university with reckless and callous disregard for children,” Ed Ray, the chair of the NCAA’s executive committee, said at the announcement today.

The football program will also be excluded from playing in bowl games and post-season games for four years, as well as having its football scholarships reduced from 25 to 15, and having to pay a $60 million fine, the equivalent of one year’s revenues from the football program. The money will go to creating child sex abuse awareness programs around the country.

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  • Guest2020

    Paterno himself said that he wished he had done more. To me that says he didn’t do enough. Since Sandusky was allowed to continue to use the facilities, then that would tell any man with common sense, that it had not been taken care of, if your scenario is even remotely correct.

    Any man who is worth his salt would have done everything withing his power to stop and adult from molesting children. Paterno did not. It may be your feeling that no coach in a major program is going to let this go on and on, but I am sure there were plenty of people in the RCC who didn’t think the higher-ups would let this go on and on.

    The fact is that Paterno cared more about his football program than he did those little boys. Otherwise, he would have stopped at nothing to protect the children.

  • MrT

    It has been my understanding that Joe Paterno was made aware of one incident involving Sandosky and a child. He reported that as hearsay from a graduate assistant. A decision to not call in the police was suggested by Paterno in favor of bring Sandosky in for a conference and some counsel was suggested or further corrective measures would be taken if necessary. What I question and don’t know is what happen beyond this point? Who had the responsibility to deal with Sandosky on the issue. Did a meeting take place and what was done about the accusation.
    Is it possible that Paterno ask those in charge about their follow up and was told, It’s taken care of! Was this issue treated as an isolated case that would never happen again or was their an attitude that we dont care.
    It’s my feeling that no coach in a major college program is going to let something like this go on and on. I have to think that Paterno felt this was an isolated case that was addressed. Sandosky or any other coach would have not been able to keep this going at any college program.
    Nobody is that important.

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