County leaders talk sand, bans with Carolina Beach & Kure Beach


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Leaders from both Kure Beach and Carolina Beach met this morning with New Hanover County Commissioners. The purpose of the special meeting was to discuss issues important to all communities, from dredging to smoking on the beach.

Though he’s running for the NC House of Representatives, New Hanover County Commission Chair Ted Davis says right now he’s 110 percent a county commissioner. He called a meeting with area beach communities to discuss issues important to all.

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“The three beach communities and the county all need to be on the same page,” Davis said.

Beach nourishment and Carolina Beach Inlet dredging were among the topics discussed, as well as the creation of a new county job: sand manager. The position will be posted soon, calling for part artist part engineer part lobbyist to help protect the county’s beaches.

Saving the sand also raises questions about litter control. While Wrightsville Beach moves forward with a potential smoking ban on November’s ballot, Carolina and Kure Beaches want county support on smoking and plastic bag bans, but the two towns are still at odds over elements within the bans.

“I think it’s important before the county can come on board in support of such a ban in either case, would be No. 1 that all three beach communities are on board with the language with a smoking ban or a plastic bag ban,” Davis said.

The second issue still at hand is who enforces the potential bans: town, county, state or federal government?

From here, county commissioners will consider which issues to discuss at their next meetings as Kure Beach and Carolina Beach leaders do the same.

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