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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Caught on tape, two teenagers go at it in a Wilmington apartment complex as adults stand by. But there may be more to the neighborhood problem than just this fight.

The fight at Greentree Apartments off North Kerr Avenue did not escalate too much, but the footage did cause some concern.

In the video, two boys end up fighting, but this is not where the controversy in the neighborhood ends.

“They just start fights everywhere they go,” neighbor Dee Thompson said. “I’m surprised they’re not yelling right now.”

Thompson says since her neighbors moved in, the drama in the neighborhood has been unreal.

“This is the way they handle stuff: by communicating threats like they’re going to kill people. ‘Oh, when the police leave, I’m going to kill you.’ When the police are here you’re trying to kill me. It’s crazy,” Thompson said.

Thompson says there have been many altercations between her and the two women in the video, including a fight with a baseball bat.

We tried to talk to the women to get their side of the story.

Velma Smalls says Thompson is the troublemaker, and they were sticking up for their family.

While we were talking to Smalls, Thompson shot video of a woman on the other side of the building hitting a metal baseball bat on the concrete and yelling at her across the parking lot.

Both women say nothing happened after we left, but both Thompson and Smalls have taken out charges on each other. They are due in court August 6.

Smalls says the fight caught on video was of members of a gang trying to attack her son, and she’s worried about his safety.


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  • RUSH

    The parents are putting their kids up to fight like they are dogs, and if the parents are raising their children to act like animals, then the parents should be caged like the animals they are.

  • Shawn

    Its a never ending cycle they start by fighting in the driveway and then it expands to robbing, stealing, and killing. It’s like project boot camp to see who can be the biggest looser. As for the person that says why don’t we help….I’m doing more than I would do if I wasn’t forced by the government to pay taxes to take care of these sorry individuals. If you want help I will give you some advice go to work and be a productive citizen or don’t eat because that is what happens to my family if I don’t work….they don’t eat! Tell you how you can give back to our working class people, don’t vote for Obama again this year so maybe we can afford healthcare for our kids since it’s not given to us!

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