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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — An area woman says she was the victim of a brutal rape earlier this week. She says her attacker is a state trooper. Now, she’s talking about what happened.

The SBI is investigating rape allegations against Trooper Bryan Phillips. Wednesday night WWAY spoke with the alleged victim, who we’ll call Lynn to protect her identity.

“It’s just so disgusting and I thought he was such a safe nice guy,” Lynn says.

Lynn says she met Trooper Phillips a week and a half ago on the online dating website Plenty of Fish. She says they began talking on the phone and sending text messages, some of them explicit.

Lynn says she drove from her home in Brunswick County Monday evening to Phillips’ Wilmington apartment

“Yes I went there. Yes we talked about sex on texts but no means no,” she says.

Within a few minutes of being in his home, Lynn says she was forced into the trooper’s bedroom.

“He was going to get what he wanted no matter how strong he was or what I was willing to do and you know I cried and I asked him why are you doing this and have you done this to somebody else and the answer was yes,” Lynn says.

She says the attack lasted two hours and when Phillips finally let her leave, Lynn says she ran to her car and sped off.

The next night, Lynn says she went to Brunswick Novant Medical Center for a rape kit and spoke with Wilmington Police detectives.

Lynn’s estranged husband contacted the New Hanover County District Attorney’s office, who requested the SBI investigation.

Though it was difficult for her to come forward because of Phillips’ position, Lynn says she refuses to let him win.

“I want him to know that you might have scared me that night, you might have had your way with me, you might be stronger than I am, but I’m not going to roll over and let you win because your with law enforcement,” she says.

A Highway Patrol spokesman says Phillips is on administrative leave as the SBI investigates and an internal Highway Patrol investigation is done. WWAY called Phillips Wednesday night for comment. He has not returned our call.


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