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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Her remains were found on the side of Carolina Beach Road two years after her disappearance and her killer is still on the streets. Monday marks six years to the day when Allison Jackson Foy went missing.

At 2 a.m. on July 30, 2006, it was last call at Junction Pub Billiards and the last time Foy was seen. Six years later, her sister’s fight for answers and justice continues.

“The first thing that comes into my mind are her children,” says Lisa Valentino, Allison Jackson Foy’s sister. “Her two daughters, who had their mother ripped from their lives at a very young age.”

When Foy went missing in 2006, her little girls were left to grow up without a mom. Now 18 and 10 years old, the days of no answers seemed to have flown by. But time is at a stand still for Valentino.

“I believe that someone out there holds the key to all of these questions that we still have regarding Allison and Angela’s case,” she says.

In 2008, Foy’s remains along with another missing woman’s were found off of Carolina Beach Road. Last month, a billboard was unveiled near Independence Mall to elicit information.

Monday, six years after Foy’s disappearance, Valentino organized a Facebook page for people to post thoughts and prayers in hopes that no one forgets, and justice will eventually be served.

“She deserves that, her children deserve that and my family deserves that,” Valentino says. “So no, there’s no stopping. Ever.”

If you have any information about Foy’s murder, you can contact the Wilmington Police Department or the CUE Center for Missing Persons.


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