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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — One person is dead after an accident near the 6400 block of Carolina Beach Road and Golden Road in New Hanover County. It happened around 8 pm Thursday night.

The N.C. Highway Patrol says 57-year old Louis Jaeger of Wilmington was killed while riding his motorcycle near the 6400 block of Carolina Beach Road and Golden Road. 79-year old Kathy Canady of Wilmington was charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and failure to yield to the right of way after making a left turn and colliding into Jaeger.


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  • Anonymous

    You have no room saying she wasn’t paying attention. Her charges were dropped.

  • ThePetit

    I’ve known Louis since around ’94, and by no means was he a saint, but he was a good and decent man who has family and friends who cared deeply for him. I want to be angry at the woman who ended his life by not paying attention to what she was doing while behind the wheel, but I can’t. I’m sure this was unintentional, but most drivers pay absolutely no attention to anything around them. Perhaps, especially in this case, older drivers should have to renew their licenses more frequently than younger drivers since their faculties can degrade very quickly.

  • michelle2090

    i personally know this man because he is my uncle. accidents do happen everyday. i am deeply upset to lose such a loving uncle. he is leaving behind two sons 33 & 27 years old. everyone can make stupid comments, but have some respect for the families who are grieving right now. he was a good man who had a hard life and everything wasturning around for him. he has always been a careful driver and loved riding his motorcycle. please keep our families in your prayers.

  • Guest1

    It was an ACCIDENT. You know nothing about the situation or about the driver. She was not on a cell phone (she didn’t have one in the car at all, thank you) and it was storming, and she did not see the person. if she was being responsible and waiting and went when she didn’t see any cars, then that is an accident. yes, it is very tragic, but get all the details before you start assuming she was driving recklessly, not paying attention, etc.

  • MoGlo

    I’m sorry to hear of this “accident”. But I am more sorry to read these negative comments. I’m sure the woman would not have ever done it on purpose and to think otherwise makes you look like the idiot here. Just be careful out there and know that both families are hurting because of this and be thankful it isn’t your family.

  • El kitrell

    Im sorry the biker was killed , this is a bad town , to ride a bike in , but I wish just one of the 15 patrol officers that sent the 5,000 cars down pilots ridge road , would of been down on the road to show the drivers where to turn , to get to river road , they all ended up driving in a circle at night , never been on that road before , good job at least U where there to make sure we turn

  • Alan

    My wife and I came across the accident shortly after it happened. My wife is an NNP and wanted to stop and offer help. Unfortunately the gentleman was already dead at the sence. My wife sat with the lady involved in the accident until her husband arrived. She was extremely upset,and my wife try to keep her calm. I pray for both of these families affected by this terrible accident.

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