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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — We told you yesterday about Boiling Spring Lakes firing its police chief. Today, we uncovered a lawsuit filed by Mayor Richard White.

White filed the suit for almost $30,000 against a Wilmington woman back in March. Now the mayor is waiting to find out if he’ll get his money back.

In the lawsuit, White says a woman he met while teaching a shooting class sought him out for help after the course was done.

We’re going to protect her identity for now, because White says she said her husband assaulted their son and she needed White’s help to handle the situation.

The suit says later, the woman asked for financial help as well to pay for a hotel stay and legal fees for her and her son totaling more than $6,500.

For collateral White says the woman let him keep some belongings at his home, including $35,000 worth of jewelry.

Afterwards, the suits says white gave her a credit card in her name with a $20,000 spending limit. White says the woman maxed out the cards and then she wanted the jewelry back.

According to a response from the woman, after a SBI investigation, White returned the jewelry to the woman to avoid being arrested. The response also says the woman paid white back for the initial loans in cash but didn’t get a receipt.

We called white. He said he did not want to talk about the lawsuit, and said he just wanted his money back.

The woman’s lawyer says White is just trying to get money and that the case is still in the discovery stage.


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  • Guest l.keegan

    To “guest user”…..BSL residents will learn the truth from this blog….except the ones who are blind to the truth, like YOU!

  • Susan Prater

    I don’t exactly know how much of my blog you have read “Guest” but I don’t —nor would I ever start to write anything which doesn’t or won’t have the proof attached to it in the end. My blog is all true—because if it wasn’t—and if these individuals weren’t aware that I most definitely had the proof to back it up—they would have had it taken down a long time ago!

    Sit back and watch. I think you’re gonna be surprised with the outcome of my “poorly written blog” and the results of what one (truthful) voice can accomplish in the small world of Brunswick County where the roots of corruption run as deep as the largest tree’s!

  • Guest User

    I don’t know whether Mayor White is justified in his lawsuit, but the lady who writes this blog seems intent on defaming him, DA Jon David, and Judge White. Evidently, the Blog’s author was found guilty of some offense by Judge Warren and she is on a vendetta against the Judge, the DA and the mayor. So if you look at this Blog as I did, be prepared to read totally unsubstantiated and disgusting innuendos. WWAY deserves credit for uncovering this lawsuit and I hope to someday learn the full story. The residents of BSL deserve the truth. But you won’t get it from reading a poorly written Blog by a vindictive author.

  • Guest what’s next

    Read part 20 of the link I sent to you on here and ask yourself some questions……
    Do I think he is a dork! I sure do. I have nothing to gain, nor does the writer of the blog you will love to read, it is just the truth you should know so you will know you need to think hard when you vote again. Not telling you how to vote…just think hard!!!
    Not trying to sway WWAY in any way, but this is a GOOD story!

  • Truthful One

    Sir or Madam, there most certainly was an SBI Investigation and that is the ONLY reason Mayor White returned the jewelry…hello…do you think he would have given it back if not made too? He claims it was “collateral”, so are you calling him an idiot by saying he gave it back when he was alledgedly owed $30,000?? There was no arrest because he returned the items…or he would have been charged with Felony Property By Conversion. Those are the FACTS, so YOU get them straight. Also, a portion of that money was paid back, you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. This isn’t the first time he’s done this to a female, it’s just the first time he got beat at his own game…hilarious and long long overdue.

  • facts101

    Please check and get your facts right. There was no SBI investigation having to do with this and there certainly was no arrest. Yes the collateral on the loan was returned however it is alleged in the suit by White, and not against White the money has not been paid back. The courts will decide and when they do, there will be a real story to report instead of this one sided, no-story!

    Once again the same group that has been defeated at the poles two times are trying to when in the media what they lost in the poles. I guess they are just never going to get over it.

  • Guest5000

    Impeach The Liar

  • Guest whats next

    Ok, locals. Try this page on your Facebook! http://www.myoakislandadventure.blogspot.com

    Thank you

  • Guest what’s next

    See this is the problem with our city people!!!!!! They are like little kids…let’s grow up, people, and do a big man job!!!! Mr. Ledbetter is his name. He was the best! Our city was in good hands with him!!!!
    Now. Put on some big boy britches and get down to business!!!! You are making us all sick with the name calling!!!! There are things to be done here!!!!! ….we don’t think you are at all funny….and we know who you are….and there is a job to be done!!!
    Sure would like to get some roads paved…as they were promised. Sure would like to see some street lights go in…as promised.
    Sure would like to see some adults try to run this place….and get some things done…as promised!

  • Guest20021

    An SBI Investigation resulted in Mayor White returning the jewelry or being arrested???. Uh, people that speaks volumes… Because they don’t mess around in their investigations. Of course this was all covered up because he had the BSL Police Dept white out his name on the police report. A young lady tried to bring all this out at his last re-election. Think it’s time to get some real facts on this Mayor WWAY…

  • Thnk More

    Did any of you people ever stop to think that maybe withholding her name is for her protection? I mean the suit does say that he assaulted her son…who says the husband wouldn’t assault or even kill her… Would you want that blood on your hands just to satisfy your selfish nosiness? Think about it…

  • Guest007

    I’m starting tho think that someone from outside of NC should start looking into everything that’s going on around here! Let’s not just focus on BSL, let’s look into the sewer fiasco on Oak Island, the new Village Rd trafic pattern in Leland, the push for the Skyway Bridge. I’m sure there are many, many more things that should be brought into the light.

  • Guest5050

    There’s an old saying that I heard a judge repeat one day when a case involving an older man throwing money at a womam to…shall we say, ‘help her out’. The judge said, “There’s no fool like an old fool”.

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