School bucks books for iPads to save money


BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — Some of the best students in Brunswick County are now working with some of the best technology in the world. Their school spent close to $60,000 in a long-term cost-cutting measure.

Students at Brunswick County Early College High School have long been No. 1 with a No. 2 pencil. Now teachers are asking them to put down the pen and paper and pick up a brand new iPad.

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“What we are going to do is provide iPads for 137 of our students who are taking college classes,” principal Vicky Snyder said.

Though the $60,000 price tag may seem steep to some, Snyder says that in a few years the iPads will have paid for themselves through cost savings.

“There is a significant savings by doing it on the e-books,” Snyder said. “A chemistry college textbook available at the bookstore would be $230. We can download that same book on the e-book for $99.”

Morgan Cruze is a junior at Early College. She says the new tool will help her and her classmates grow as individuals.

“It makes me feel more businesslike,” Cruze said. “I think it is making me feel in a way more mature, and I’m becoming more like a businesswoman.”

It’s a change educators say will help these students going forward in life.

“Can you imagine the change that it is going to be when they get out of high school? You know four years out that’s what their going to be doing,” Snyder said. “The textbooks and e-books and all of these e-readers and everything are going to change the world”

textbooks are not the only things that are digital at the Brunswick County Early College High School. Their library is now available via e-book as well.

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