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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — The owner of a Leland dance studio is behind bars charged with first degree sexual offense of a child.

Leland Police arrested Jamie Watson, 36, Friday night. He and his wife own Revolutionz Dance Studio and Entertainment on Village Road.

Watson is in the Brunswick County Jail under a $220,000 secured bond. His first court appearance is this morning.


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  • Ethel Simmons

    I’m so glad you think you have the right to call this a poorly uneducated county, just what county are you from that you think you’re so much smarter than people that live in Brunswick County..I’m not from Leland, in fact not even from this State but I think you owe the people of Brunswick an apology for thinking you’re so much better than them..let me guess you are probably a highly educated New Yorker lol..your comment was uncalled for..

  • Ethel Simmons

    I had actually seen the studio when I dropped my 16 yr. old grandson off there for a Sat. night dance and was thinking then how nice it was for the teenagers of Leland to have somewhere to go and have fun and actually met the couple and discussed enrolling my 3 yr. old granddaughter for hip hop lessons but just never got around to doing it and now whether the accusations are true or not(and I imagine they are)as I just don’t see ANY child accusing someone of a crime like that, it took a lot of courage for the girl/boy to come forward I thank God that I never enrolled her..my grandson only went the one time and never went back, said it wasn’t much fun…I believe in innocent until proven guilty but if either of them said he did something inappropriate with them then there would be NO DOUBT in my mind that they were telling the truth, I had a daughter molested at age 9 by someone who had children her age and I NEVER for one minute dreamed he would do that to a child but I NEVER doubted my daughter (telling me was very traumatic for her because for some reason she thought she did something wrong but was telling the truth and I called the police and got her professional help to deal with it,this sort of thing scars kids for life and the saddest part is the pervert got 6 months suspended provided he got psychiatric help and his idiot wife allowed him back in the home when he had been molesting their own children..some Mom huh I always keep those two children in my prayers and pray they are not emotionally damaged too much from what their monster father did to them…sorry this was such a long post but I feel this is a subject that needs to be addressed at length…parents PLEASE I beg of you make it a point to notice any changes in your child emotionally and let them know that they can tell you ANYTHING like this and you will believe them and back them up 100 per cent..

  • Guest2658

    Anybody who loves fox news pretty much devalues their opinion in intelligent society

  • Guest12345

    First degree sexual offense with a child is defined as any sex act outside of intercourse as we would define that with someone under the age of 13. Intercourse would denote charges of first degree rape, of a minor. The term sexual act is the difference. Just wanted to clarify for anyone reading.
    If he is guilty and had this coming, I hope everyone that can be a character witness for the prosecution will come forward and make sure he is put away for a long time.
    If they need help building a case, I’m sure your story would help them drastically.
    If he is innocent, I feel bad for his poor family.

  • Guest217

    Is this guy still in jail or is he out on bond? Is his studio still opem for business? If so, who’s teaching classes?

  • I care

    Love Fox news and the truths exposed. Many people commenting on this seem to be telling their paralleled stories of inappropriate behavior from Mr. Jimmy Watson. Those individuals know the actual truth as they have to live with it everyday of their lives.

  • I CARE

    HELP FOR TOMORROW..We should all be proud of the girl stepping forward. Also, others that have been abused should step up to her support instead of hiding in the background. If you care about the future of another child, you should contact the police and get involved. After reading the many comments, it seems this has been going on for so many years, some of these young ladies are probably mothers today and karma could catch up with their child for closing their hearts to do justice in reporting the problem. Just think, this could be YOUR child next. Wouldn’t you have been Blessed should someone have come forward before years had passed. Be a blessing today for tomorrow and come forward so justice can prevail!

  • Guest2412

    Thankfully we live in a free society in the United States. We live in a Country protected by many rights. A person accused of any crime has the right to a trial. I am impressed that so many citizens of a poorly educated county have been able to supersede our current founding ideal of innocent until proven guilty. They have made libelous claims without any actual proof. Honestly these website comments sound like Fox News.

  • Guest98765

    Have you read these comments? Judgemental people are why none of the many victims came forward. Its hard enough being a teenager but also having every aspect of your life examined, being accused of lying, and having to stay strong is a lot to ask. I admit he messed with me as a young teenager, even now as an adult tho I don’t want to admit that happened to me and have judgement passed on me. I am proud of this girl for stepping forward and hope she will be fully supported.

  • Guest right on

    SO true, I for one am proud of this girl for speaking up. It is hard for a teenager to find the courage to speak up. I hope she will keep her head high and find comfort in knowing that she may have helped other girls who may not have had the strength that she did. As a victim of sexual assault myself, I kept quiet. Leave this child alone and let her heal. OTHER GIRLS ARE WATCHING HOW WE REACT TO THIS- wondering if they should keep their mouth shut or not.

  • chelsey

    i danced with mr. jamie for a while 6 years i believe, and he always made i guess you could say sexual comments, and there was several times i felt uncomfortable around him, and this new absolutely sickness me, the fact i was around this man and somewhat trusted him, but no it doesnt surprise me!

  • dsrewr

    That is a really stupid question. I took dance from them as well for 5 years and saw the same things. I was 9 years old when I started. I wasn’t thinking about a man looking at me in that way. It was mostly the teenage class that I noticed anything odd in. And as far as you asking why she kept going back, maybe her parents didn’t notice anything weird and saw no problem if it wasn’t directly affecting their child. If he wasn’t doing anything appropriate with her, why would she feel scared or threatened by him enough to quit? All I know is what I saw as a child, and then years later a friend of mine (who also danced under him) dated him and there was a HUGE age difference that was questionable to everyone who knew about it. I don’t put anything past someone who is in such a position of authority.

  • Guest 101

    I do not take at his studio but I have seen him and his students dance at various venues and competitions. As an outsider I thought some of his dances were inappropriate and he was suggestive towards some of his female dancers. I recently saw them at a competition in June and was appalled at some of the dances that were performed. The child that came forward that took a lot of courage and you did the right thing.

  • Guesta

    To all the people they claim this has been going on for years, why did you keep dancing with him, and why haven’t you step forward. Seems to me that there is alot of bandwagon jumping going on.

  • Another Dancer

    I’ve known this guy for years. His behavior has always been a little over the top with the opposite sex.

    Read some of the other comments in this thread… they speak of similar experiences.

    This has probably been going on for 20 years or more.

    I’m honestly surprised it took this long for charges to be filed.

  • Guest909

    That’s great that this is America, and everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but unless you know him personally, he’s had this coming for a long time, he’s just been slick about it. I hope he can’t weasel his way out of it this time. If you don’t think he’s guilty, drop your teenage daughter off with him for a little while and let him babysit. What’s the worst that could happen, right?

  • jkdhsjkhfjsh

    i have some things to say… you can take it how ever you want… first of all i am seeing all these people “parents” saying that they know that this has been going on… why did you still let your kids take… i think that if he is guilty he deserves everything that is thrown at him… if you know of any other people that has been affected by this man then you need to stand up… i have a little girl and if she was one of the ones i would MOST DEFF stand up and say something…

  • Guest61246

    If he seemed over affectionate, as you say, why did you keep going back?

  • Guest2020

    How many times have we heard about the wonderful families of the criminals being arrested in this area? How many of those arrested were fine people who could not possibly be guilty?

    Those priests who molested those boys were “respectable”. I am sure that there are people who considered Jerry Sandusky “respectable”. There are still people who claim that Joe Paterno is “respectable”. Being considered “respectable” or from a good family doesn’t preclude one from the capability of being a child molester.

    There are others who have posted who have said that this man was inappropriately affectionate towards the students. This charge goes way beyond that. First degree sexual offense of a child means that is accused of raping the child, not just touching inappropriately.

    Although, this man is innocent until proven guilty, I think that the parent who would “ABSOLUTELY” let their child take lessons from him, would be irresponsible to do so. If there is any question of impropriety of this type, then you should not allow your child to be around this man unless he is found not guilty.

    If he is guilty then he deserves the death penalty. Pedophiles cannot be cured. They do not need to be in society. If someone rapes a child then they do not deserve to live.

  • Guest13589

    I’m appalled at how everyone jumps to the conclusion that this child is lying. No wonder so many sexual offenses go unreported each year- because of people like you all. This innocent child has most likely suffered some typed of horrible abuse at the hands of this man and all of you are rambling about this family’s prominence in the community. I know this family and took dance from them and while I was never assaulted, this man and his father were inappropriately affectionate with the students so I do not doubt this child’s claim. You all should remember he is the one who will be on trial… not the child.

  • Guest23763

    I believe every bit of it. I use to dance with him and this is the type of person he was. He has been doing this for years and so many girls were hurt. My parents jerked me out off of that dance team so fast it wasn’t even funny. I am waiting for more people to come out of the woods. Mr. Jimmy can’t cover this one up!!!

  • Guest926

    Ok, obviously the people commenting dont know this man at all. For those of us that do are not surprised by this by any means! I dont know to what extent that it went sexually with the child or children, but for those of us that know him and have for 15 year plus and that were students on his dance team, know that this has gone on for a very long time, and can probably name a few girls he tried going after. I am just so thankful that someone has come forward and was not afraid to say anything. I am praying for the children and their families and I pray that this will give other girls courage to step forward! Time for him to suffer the consequences for his horrific actions!

  • Parents should research these facilities extensively. These dance studios are popping up all over wilmington with hacks that call themselves teachers but have absolutley no credentials to back them up.I read one website and i really dont believe the owner made it past the 1st grade.

  • Anonymous for a reason

    This should not be a surprise to a very large number of people. there are many of his victims still in the area. I for one am very proud of this girl (and I now hear there is also a second girl) who have found the courage to stand up against him. Many of us have kept silent for far to long. Lets support these girls for helping save future children from his wandering hands.

  • Guest11212121

    Who cares if he won some Dancing with the Stars title in Brunswick County or not. Some of you want his title stripped. He is accused of molesting a child! That is where your concern should be. What the hell is wrong with some of you people?? HE IS ACCUSSED OF SEXUALLY ASSAULTING A CHILD, NOT WINNING A CONTEST BY FRAUD OR BRIBING A JUDGE.

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