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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Former Brunswick County District Attorney Rex Gore and a former assistant turned themselves in today, a day after being indicted. Former Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief Emmett Ballree also surrendered after he was indicted in an unrelated case. All quickly bonded out of jail.

A Grand Jury yesterday indicted Gore and one his assistants Elaine Kelley for allegations Kelley submitted false expense reports netting her more than $14,000 over several years. Gore has denied any wrongdoing. Today he declined to answer questions about whether or when he will surrender to face the charge against him. Kelley has not returned a call for comment. District Attorney Jon David says the Attorney General’s office is handling the case.

Also yesterday, a Grand Jury indicted former Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief Emmett Ballree and his son Michael. The indictments claim the former chief helped his son get a firearm even though Michael has been convicted of possessing a stolen firearm. That felony conviction precludes him from having a gun. Neither Ballree would comment on the charges when reached by phone yesterday.


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  • ygoloicos

    What a great Judicial system we have, where traffic court looks more like a soup kitchen lunch line, and all the Judges, D.A’s, Deputys and attorneys all strut around in their egotistical Ivory Towers, while poor innocent people take plea bargains for crimes they did not commmit due to inncompetent attorneys who simply make back door deals. And bailiffs who execute their powers by demanding people tuck their shirts in as you walk into the court room (because it is apparently disrepectful to the judge whos ego is so big the tiny court rooms can barely hold them). All the while we have these newspapers and websites called “MugShots” among other similar publishings which not only make profits off of public information, but also greatly expose the lie that one is innocent until proven guilty (how these papers are legal is beyond me). Those papers and anyone who gets their kicks out of trolling these articles are just as much a problem in our society as the individuals who actually commit crimes are.
    Mr. Gore you are a true POS, and so is every other person associated with Law enforcement who prosecute people while knowingly exploiting your position of power, you are worse than the drug dealer who, by birth, inheritied a poverish life (unless of course you are the privleged head honcho who distributes these illegal substances but because of your race and affiliation with other powerful entities you are never investigated b/c law enforcement is too busy and too socialized to go after the little nickel and dime dealer… apparently no one in law enforcement realizes that in order to kill the snake you must cut off the head- but this will not happen b/c their is no war on drugs, it is a war against the underprivledged) , who cant get a job b/c their parents named them some uncommon, stereotypical name that is associated with a group of people who are Rumored to be lazy and leeching off the system, when in fact, statistics show that white women are the largest group of people who are on welfare… so while we all complain about taxes and democrats and obama, when it is all said and done, we see the Prestige good old boy, high society POS that is Rex Gore being the true culprit of the low lifes of our society. Maybe some day we will have a justice system full of people who actually care about justice and not their own personal stat sheet and posistions of power and financial gain, but one where we seek truth and not “Stat-isfaction” Just look at the crooks who hold the highest offices in our land Including the president his obsurd travel expenses. All of these congress men/women start in position like Mr. Gore and ride the horse of the haves, while trampling all over the have-nots. I hope The 2 Davids are different, but only time will tell in my book.
    I do hope all of you Lawyers and officers read this and have a change of heart and realize what you job is: to carry out the integrity and dignitiy of a society, rather than just a means to pay off your student loans, 2nd or 3rd home and 4 cars.
    One last note, Tracy Williams, you are truly a POS, so glad to know you are a probation officer now and no longer a detective because you obviously have no skills whatsoever to be qualified as a detective. You are dirty and i hope one day you experience the other side of the coin as we all hope this POS Rex Gore will. But im sure we all know he will get a little tap on the wrist. GO NC Judical system!

  • Rdh

    He does he is a snake in the grass that needs to get 20 years

  • Beverly

    This is great to see Rex in a mug shot! This man deserves to squirm a little in this life, since he indeed thought he was “untouchable”. He abused his office in many ways and it is high time he started to feel a little heat. Won’t be anything like the heat he may feel in the afterlife!

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