Gore indictment reignites old issues


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Rex Gore was the criminal prosecutor for three counties for 20 years. Now, he finds himself facing criminal charges. One man says Gore’s questionable actions started years before this latest development.

“I hope they put him in jail and he should be there a long time for what he has done,” Loy Buff said.

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Buff’s daughter, Davina Buff Jones, died under mysterious circumstances on Bald Head Island in 1999. Gore called it a suicide.

Now, almost two years after ending his 20-year reign as the top prosecutor in three counties, Gore appeared before a magistrate Tuesday. He turned himself in a day after a Grand Jury indicted him for felonious conspiracy to obtain property by false pretense.

“We are disappointed that an administrative decision that he made back in 2005 has resulted in criminal charges today 7 years later, but we do look forward to a jury making a decision and having an opportunity to be heard in front of a jury,” Gore’s attorney James Payne said.

Gore is accused of allowing Assistant District Attorney Elaine Kelley to submit false expense reports. Buff says this doesn’t surprise him. He has been fighting for more than a decade to get his daughter’s death ruled a murder instead of a suicide.

“He’s corrupt about everything, because four times I proved in court that my daughter did not commit suicide,” Buff said.

At the time of her death Jones was a police officer on Bald Head Island. In May 2011, current District Attorney Jon David reopened the investigation, seeking a definitive answer to the cause of Jones’s death.