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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Conservative talk radio host Curtis Wright no longer works at WAAV Radio, according to Program Director Mike Farrow.

Wright had been at the station for almost two years.

Before that, he was morning host at The Big Talker FM, but was fired in early 2010, and eventually replaced by Chad Adams.

Wright returned to the airwaves on WAAV several months later.

No word on the reason for Wright’s departure or his plans for the future.


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  • doug

    For your info the last few times I checked out Curtis he only had about 6 viewers watching his internet show. So I guess you, your sister and 4 others had nothing better to do during their day. Pretty soon he’ll be talking to himself.

  • doug

    How could you subject your customers to listen to Curtis? Not very good customer service to let them be subjected to such divisive, hateful radio. Would have made better tips keeping the radio off.I notice a while back on his internet show that had a record shattering 6 viewers his introduction was saying a “nicer gentler Curtis”.Or something like that. So will the real Curtis please stand up. Was your mean, rude radio personality an act?

  • LGA

    Only a leftist/socialist could make such ridiculous comments.

  • Michael Davenport

    Wait a minute. Are you suggesting that that guy was not biased?!?!?!?! He was an embarrassment to journalism, and even more of an embarrassment to Wilmington. I can’t believe anyone listened to him and didn’t recognize him for what he unintentionally was: performance art, a parody.

  • Michael Davenport

    Wow, what a shock. A conservative talk show host who is a hypocrite. Let’s see: screeches the screed of morality and self-sufficiency, yet doesn’t even pay his own bills; screeches the screed of “get informed,” yet loudly and publicly spouts opinions that are woefully uninformed; and screeches the screed of patriotism, yet devotes all his waking energies to vomiting forth the most hysterical, unpleasant, divisive and national-fabric-ripping rhetoric imaginable. God in Heaven, good riddance Curtis!!!!!!!! (and to think the guy replaced Rhonda Bellamy, a veritable jewel in Wilmington’s cultural crown… sigh…. ) Tyler, please don’t be as uninformed, unpleasant and unhelpful as your predecessor.

  • Jean B. GodwinGuest

    What bad timing for this major loss to Wilmington. With all the bias news reporting, it was good to have Curtis to research and clarify. What a mess talk radio has become! I’ll keep looking for you Curtis. J. Godwin

  • Guest Jeff

    What a shame to see him go. They removed him and Michael Savage as well in Fayetteville. His chief replacement on the local front is a D.C. import who is little more than a Hollywood trivia master (same scurrilous crap I am incessantly bombarded each time I log onto the Internet) and–of course–Geraldo (what can I say?)

    Just more liberal mind comtrol.

  • Tiki Davis

    Wilmington stations have become the problem. Hell with them.

  • Twiddle Dee

    My sister and I are loyal listeners. We enjoy Curtis and agree with his views. After reading so many comments, I’ve come to the conclusion, if you didn’t agree with him, and didn’t want to hear him, why tune in? That other station that we don’t listen to any more. You know the Chad station. We don’t listen to or WAAV. If I can
    find Curtis on the internet, he will have 16 listeners now. And you can bet, or maybe you’d better not because as soon as Curtis’ listeners find out where he is, they will tune in and listen…….

  • Tom

    WAAV 980 radio has gone liberal, I knew when they put on that pinko liberal Geraldo Rivera. Huckabee is conservative but very boring. So what I do is listen to Rush Limbaugh on the Jacksonville station, that way I can boycott WAAV

  • doug

    So does anyone know why he is nolonger on the radio? When he got fired from the FM station a big to do was made about it, the station talked about it and allowed callers to vent their feelings about his firing, Curtis even put out a press statement slamming the management of the station. This time it’s a small article that he is nolonger on the air. 980 will not take calls on the subject of Curtis, and Curtis has not realeased any press statement this time. So what gives. Were his ratings that low, did he piss off the wrong person or advertiser, was he sleeping with his bosses wife? I didn’t care for him I have many conservative views but I noticed when I called or someone else called with an oppossing point of view or opinion, he would be very rude with the caller and most the time would just hang up on them right away. I prefer programs that allowed discussion like Marti, Harvard, Rhonda, and Richard Davis would have, not rudeness and insults that Curtis provided. By the way his new web site show had a whooping 15 viewers.

  • BBCC

    We are loyal listeners to Curtis for at least 5 years and will truly miss him. We moved out of state and still stayed in touch with the area through Curtis’ commentary through the internet. I agree with the below positive comment of his unwaivering conservative values, informing us with common ideas and thoughts and Curtis’ commitment to his family, friends, community and our nation.
    WE WILL BE SEARCHING FOR CURTIS’ NEXT RADIO STATION HOME. MISS YOU, CURTIS. Protect our 1st amendment right!!This move of Liberal Media illustates the treatment of us conservatives!

  • obummerdunce

    This is why “peoples” like you remain ignorant. To the unlearned that means “stupid on purpose”.
    If you can’t bear to hear the truth, and truth talking doesn’t make sense to you then go back to the Kool-Aid!

  • Phony Independent

    Frankly, I don’t believe you know what you’re talking about concerning facts. What I do see from your email is a person who has no better vocabulary than to call someone else who does not agree with him a fool, and other very nasty characterizations of conservatives. Too Bad!

  • Upset former WAAV fan

    Sad tihs station is changing its programs like this move. Watch out Tyler is next. Tyler is the only reason I listen these days and then turn your channel off for the rest of the day and night! So sad!!
    Would love to hear Curtis Wright on any other station and then I would become loyal again!

  • Kyle Saltz

    Curtis will be missed. He was truly a Conservative to look up to. He did more for the community then most will ever do in a lifetime. I am very sad to see him leave. I can see from a lot of these posts that the Radical Left people seem to enjoy this.

  • Ted

    Would like to know why he’s no longer at radio station, 980?

  • LibertyMinded

    You are the example of why Curtis was so strident in his views, and his beliefs. We, and you, can do much better than we are doing. Have you ever had a parent or teacher that KNEW you could do better, and would get frustrated when you didn’t? But, alas, mediocrity had obviously taken over.

  • Independent

    Don’t know what was going on with WAAV’s signal this morning…no audio. Strictly silence…which was preferable to Curtis Wright.

    Now, “Tired of Libs”…I hate to burst your bubble, but I lean right and consider myself a fiscal conservative. It’s just that I can see through both extremes brand of lies and refuse to swallow them like bait. An independent means I can think for myself and determine truth and common sense…unlike birdbrain simpletons who can’t muster an original thought unless it is the party line. If you can’t deviate from hardline party platform on conservative issues, why do you even have a brain. It’s apparent you can’t think for yourself. (Hmmm…Curtis says this…then this must be how to think.)

    Useful idiots are everywhere, and apparently both sides have them.

  • Chester Starling

    Our whole family no longer likes your lineup other than Rush Limbaugh. First Glenn Beck then Curtis Wright are removed – Our Family will be moving on also I guess conservative values are just not a part of this stations values Goodby Waav 980…

  • Sherry

    Tyler Cralle is the next to go!

  • GravyTrain

    Curtis is out! Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Royce Riggs

    With Glenn and now Curtiss gone I only tune to the WAAV for Rush. Goodbye WAAV.

  • PublicAvenger

    This guy was just not a very friendly fellow.

  • Lynn Cadagin

    Well…good luck with the “Liberal” leaning line-up… how’s that worked for radio in the past? I am another former listener that has changed my pre-sets. I used to leave it on 980 in my car almost all day.

  • Cabbie28412

    I have been an ALL DAY listener of WAAV from 6am to 10pm since CW went on WAAV. I drive a Cab and my Customers heard the radio too. Many of the Cab Drivers listen to Curtis every morning. When Beck was knocked off, I considered SirusXM Radio, but stayed with WAAV for Curtis Wright. Now with CW gone, Im done with WAAV.

  • “Boo”

    I’m glade to see that our radeo stations are geting rid of all this talk radeo that talks bad about our presdident! Thats all they use to do! everytime I would turn on my radeo during the day i would here nothing but peoples talking trash about our comander and chief! bye bye hateful people! next they need to get rid of rush limba!

  • Guest 5000

    Maybe he will go back to CA and empty office baskets in the dark of night – you know; the place he claimed to be facilities manager.

  • Independent

    Curtis Wright’s continual bombast made WAAV unlistenable during my morning drive. His show was full of demagoguery, conjecture, speculation, and half-truths. Many of his guests operated from the same premise. (I suspect his small loyal audience of dimwits look for affirmation, not information.)

    When he did have command of a fact, it was hammered well beyond the point of interest. Anyone who has a broad experience of life can easily recognize his type. When you have three hours of opinion and no debate, you have exactly half the story on every issue. For idiots and shallow thinkers, it’s just easier this way.

    I am always suspicious of the chicken-hawks who wrap themselves in the flag and patriotism… They like to call attention to themselves and seem to be compensating for something. Most (like Curtis) do it just for cheap political points.

    Before his show, I always suspected he asked his wife to slap him for motivation and to set the tone…

    Still, his skills are in demand in a nation full of fools…I’m sure there is a station out in Stumpjump Kentucky looking for just his kind.

  • drabbit110

    Maybe he and Pantano can go into business together.

  • Wilmington Observer

    Who is Curtis Wright?

    Wilmington Observer

  • doug

    Always found it funny how his introduction called him the lone tough talker but whenever someone called up with an opposing point of view he would hang up on them and insult them when they could not respond. Not very tough. The last time I called into his program he was slamming Whitney Houston after her death calling her a horrible person. I asked him what his opinion of Rush Limbaugh was during his time in rehab. He hung up on me the second I asked that question and went into a long rant that if I listened to his show I would have heard his thoughts about Rush, and I obviously did not listen to his show because he is on 4hrs a day 5 days a week. The problem was that Rush had his drug issues in 2003 and Curtis did not come to Wilmington until 2006. Really doubt that Curtis brought this subject up on his show 3 years after it happened. By the way I sent a message via Facebook bringing up those facts, still waiting for a response from the tough talker.

  • Guest0156

    Pantano doesn’t work!

  • Tired of Libs

    WOW!!! Isn’t it funny how the libs are so quick to consider people who don’t think EXACTLY as they do as something inferior to themselves. Heaven forbid that an opposing view could be expressed ANYWHERE much less on the airwaves!!! So WHAT if Curtis is abrasive in his approach. He is just like a lot of people on the conservative side, we’re tired of having to keep silent about how we feel. You libs are the IDIOTS who are willing to hand over this wonderful country of ours to the likes of barack obama and his cronies who want nothing more than to DESTROY it. If you don’t like listening to Curtis, I might remind you that they put options on those radios for a reason. If you don’t like what’s playing, then CHANGE IT!!! How stupid are you to keep listening to something that offends your delicate little pea brain???

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