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TAMPA, FL (WWAY) — The Republican National Convention has been full of enthusiasm and flare. Among the massive crowd are nearly 2,300 delegates from 50 states.

This was the first RNC experience for local delegate Bob Muller. We talked to Muller by phone earlier today to get his take on the week’s events so far.

“It has been exceptional,” Muller said. “You’ve probably seen a lot of this on television already, but the high points have been stirring for me. It’s lived up to my expectations and more.”

The event has been highlighted by speeches from several GOP stars, including New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. But it was another speech that left a lasting impression on Muller.

“The Anne Romney speech brought tears to my eyes. It was her sincerity and her emotion,” Muller said.

There was one thing that took Muller by surprise.

“The importance of North Carolina struck me in the fact that they put the North Carolina delegation right near the front,” Muller said.

Muller says he’s been staying busy networking with other state delegates and picking up ideas on how to get folks to the polls.

“We’ve got to get the people out to vote,” Muller said. “We’ve got to spread the word about the conservative values that we have.”


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