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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Longtime state Rep. Danny McComas will leave his seat earlier than expected to take over the North Carolina State Ports Authority. However, his vacant position in the House could cause a domino affect in both New Hanover County and state government.

“We will give it our best, and I think we will be able to position our ports here in Wilmington and Morehead City and to where they need to be, so that we can compete with those to the north and to the south,” Rep. McComas said.

After 18 years in the House, McComas decided earlier this year to not run for reelection. With McComas now leaving early, the New Hanover County Republican Party can fill his House seat if it chooses.

However, that could cause a ripple effect in state and county government ahead of November’s election. The GOP could pick Ted Davis, who is running for McComas’s seat, which would in turn open up his current seat on the New Hanover County Commission.

Davis’s Democratic opponent Emilie Swearingen says if Davis is chosen to fill the slot, he may have an unfair advantage come November.

“I believe it would be fair for the people in District 19 if they would select someone who is not running for office and just be a place holder and hold that position until the election,” Swearingen said.

New Hanover County Republican Party Chair Rhonda Amoroso says the logical choice would be Davis, but she says nothing is set in stone. She says they should know more in the next few days after the executive committee is called in to meet. Once the committee comes to an agreement, Amoroso says they will give their recommendation to Gov. Bev Perdue, who has seven days to take action.

Davis says he will have to speak with Amoroso, his wife and McComas to find out what he will do next.


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  • Guest857

    …than he did in the House. Every time I get my satellite TV bill, I see the “North Carolina Video Services Tax” to the tune of $5.25 added to my bill. That’s $63 per year. Carolyn Justice co-sponsored it. Ms. Justice wouldn’t talk with me about it when I contacted her office. I’m glad they are both going to be gone. You almost have to wonder if the cable companies helped them out a little. Too bad Danny boy is still on the Gummit dole. Hopefully he’ll retire soon. Goodbye and good riddance!

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