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KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Deer hunting season with a bow officially kicks off tomorrow, and some land that was banned earlier may now be open to military hunters in Kure Beach. Residents on Pleasure Island are not happy about the new hunting grounds.

Word has spread on Kure Beach that Sunny Point soon may allow people to bow hunt on the weekend. Residents say they never heard of such thing and they’re worried about the animals and themselves.

We did not hear back from any officials from Sunny Point, but Kure Beach Mayor Dean Lambeth says the rumors are true.

Starting Saturday, personnel approved by sunny point will be allowed to hunt deer with bows on the military’s land on Pleasure Island. This has many people worried.

“We have people visiting,” said Kure Beach resident Joe Burke. “We have grandchildren. We have friends, relatives and we have to be concerned that a possible arrow could kill or injury somebody here.”

Residents say they’re upset there was never any official notification. They say this is unusual for their non-civilian neighbors.

“They’ve always been very helpful in notifying the public as to what’s going on or at least the town so they can keep us informed,” said Kure Beach resident Judy Larrick. “It’s my understanding that this time nothing was said.”

Residents we spoke with say they don’t want the deer to be killed off either. They say Kure Beach is a safe haven they choose and they feel the deer should be protected too. The military owns the land though, so it’s open season on the island this weekend.

Lambeth says he thinks Sunny Point did not mention the changes because they did not want the hunting publicized. He says only certain people are allowed to hunt on the land and the military thought this would get confusing if word got out.


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  • taxpayer@KB

    Read and do your research on deer overpopulation consequences:

    Do we want to be like RDU area?


    People do your homework before you start looking like idiots. All personnel that will be hunting in the Buffer Zone are required to go through a safety class at Sunny Point and are required to go through the NC Hunters Safety course.

    As others have already commented that arrows will not travel as far as a bullet. Bow hunting is a safe way to thin the population of deer to prevent diseases. When the population is overwhelmed, the deer will starve, died and cause diseases in which insect transmit to you. If you control deer population you can better control ticks which carry Lyme disease…this should be a no-brainer.

    Now lets talk about the accidents that deer can cause: The North Carolina Department of Transportation estimates nearly 20,000 auto/deer collisions a year resulting in more than 5,000 injuries and an average property damage of over $3,000. Nationally, there are more than 150 fatalities a year from such accidents. I can think of better ways to spend $3,000!!!!!!!

    And finally the Mayor knew what was going on. It was his responsibility to inform his residents. I know there have been meetings between Sunny Point and Kure Beach government….get involved in your government Kure Beach residents and you would know this!!!!!

  • Guest461

    Sorry Pleasue Island residents (and I’m one as well), but the Federal gov’t owns the blast zone land and they can do what they want with it. The deer population is overruning pleasure island, eating every food and flower garden that isn’t caged up. They also pose a hazard to drivers on Dow Rd. in the mornings and evening. I frequently encounter them on my travels. A good friend of mine was killed last week due to a deer jumping in front of his motorcycle.
    Yes, they are fine and beautiful animals, but their population must be controlled. As far as the bow hunters posing a hazard to the PI residents? Horse-hooie! Go to the beach, enjoy the sun and stay out of the woods that are posted as “No Trespassing” and you won’t encounter a single problem!
    It’s amazing how many insignificant things people can find to bit*h and whine about!!! Pleasure Island is beginning to look like another freekin’ Wrightsville Beach!

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