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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wednesday, in a decision that has garnered controversy among both parties, Democrats altered their platform by reinstating a reference to God and Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Both references were in the Democratic party’s platform in 2008, but were later taken out, only to be put back in.

Wednesday at the DNC, the convention chairman called for a voice vote three times for the changes. On the third time, he ruled the amendments approved, which caused chaos and uncertainty on the floor.

Before the changes GOP officials argued that not including that discourse posed questions about Obama’s support for Israel and religious Americans.

“By leaving the word out, the Democrats opened themselves up by super pacs to say that the democrats are all non believers,” says Rabbi Robert Waxman of B’Nai Israel in Wilmington.

Rabbi Waxman agrees with the new language but says Democrats only changed their platform to get more votes.

“Both parties are trying to show that their support for Israel and of course their interest in garnering the Jewish vote,” Waxman says.

Philip Martin, an independent voter in New Hanover County agrees.

“I felt like they were doing it to try to change their platform in order to regain the Jewish vote or the Christian, Catholic vote that they seem to be losing lately,” Martin says.


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