Homeowners watchful after string of robberies in River’s Edge neighborhood


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Several Wilmington homeowners are on edge after a string of robberies in their neighborhood off of Independence Boulevard.

Residents in the River’s Edge neighborhood in Wilmington say there have been at least 17 home robberies and several car break-ins in the last month. The victims appear to be targeted. Neighbors say the thieves seem to know when people leave their house as well as the layouts of the homes.

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“Apparently someone knows the neighborhood, is entering through one specific place in the house which are all kind of similarly built and gaining access that way,” says Jonathan Woods, who lives in the neighborhood.

“From what I understand, they don’t ransack the house,” says Tony Pagliaro, the HOA president. “They go through their belongings looking through cash and jewelry.”

Residents say police and homeowners have started patrolling the area daily and keeping a watchful eye out for anything suspicious.

“I believe more people are getting security systems as a result of this,” Pagliaro says.

“Any car that we don’t recognize, we’re paying attention to,” Woods says. “Anybody we don’t recognize, people are paying attention to.”

WWAY reached out to a spokeswoman from the Wilmington Police Department for more details. She has not yet returned our call.