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HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY) — It’s a growing trend among women, especially local busy moms: freezer meal parties.

Maybe you’ve heard of them, but if not, Hannah Snyder said it’s the perfect way to simplify your busy lifestyle. "The freezer meal parties are a great way to catch up on trying to get ahead on being able to prepare meals for your family when you absolutely do not have time to do it," she said.

Snyder is a busy mom. She isn’t a chef.

She admitted when she hosted her first freezer meal party, she had beginner level culinary skills. Since then, her passion for creating easy meals has strengthened and so has her desire to help other busy women.

Good Morning Carolina anchor Ashley Jacobs went to a freezer meal to party to see what all the buzz was about, "We are going to make artichoke chicken and put it over spinach noodles pasta, we’re also going to make the savory chicken, which is one of the favorites," Snyder said.

Guests pitch in for groceries then everyone works together to create at least 10 different dishes to freeze for another day. On busy days all they’ll have to do is thaw the meal, warm it up or throw it in the crock pot.

And they’re tasty too. Keri Blanton attended the party.

"With school and soccer it makes it tremendously easy to have something done when you get home," she said.

Party guest Heather Borman agreed.

"I was really excited about being able to go and make ten meals in an hour and taking it home and being able to try it out," Borman said.

Snyder has found a way to turn the fun gatherings into a money maker too. She is a sales consultant for Tastefully Simple and sells seasonings and other ingredients to guests.

"I use the ‘Garlic Garlic’ every single day," Snyder said. "I use it in eggs. I use it in a grilled chicken dish. I use it in absolutely everything."

Call your friends, mix up a meal, bag it up and label it for another day. That’s the recipe to clean up your full plate.

Interested in scheduling your own freezer meal party? Hannah Snyder is happy to share details: hsnyder317@yahoo.com


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