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BOLIVIA, NC (STARNEWSONLINE.COM) –Former state Sen. R.C. Soles Jr. will be honored Thursday by the Brunswick County Democratic Party, according to a press release from Ouida Hewett.

The celebration is in honor of Soles’ 42 years of service representing Brunswick and Columbus counties in the N.C. House and Senate, the release said.



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  • dorkmail

    how many concealed weapons were there at the event?

  • Quest

    you mean like covering up murders for decades, like the big wigs do in New Hanover? Do tell, what exactly was in those papers Morgantown NC SBI Agent Chris Haas received that were served to him by the SBI, that caused him to set fire the same day to his own house, committing suicide this year????? why is this so hush-hush????

  • 3293

    You make a good point here…the issue is not whether he is a democrat or republican. He is just ONE of the idiots that people have elected to office that have made stupid decisions in his life.

    I don’t know who the people in Brunswick County are that wish to honor him… I think they have not been keeping up with the news lately. I know that I for one would be ashamed to be seen there.

    Brian Berger AND R.C. Soles should have already been ousted regardless of their politcal affiliations…just on stupidity alone.

  • SurfCityTom

    you left out Pender County.

    Setting aside his personal behaviour, he was a very effective legislator for Pender County. There are projects across the county which Senator Soles sponsored or secured funding for. I have to believe that would hold true in Columbus and Brunswick counties.

    His personal habits are his and the day will come when he faces the Great Judge above.

    As a Legislator, he was not perfect; but overall he was effective for his constituents.

    How many new projects were sponsored by his successor?

  • guesty

    Yes, honor him because he has managed to keep out of corruption, no, wait he didn’t. Honor him because he managed to keep his activities and life above reproach. No, he didn’t. Honor him because he never brought any shame or negative attention to the area. No, he screwed that one as well.

    Honor him for all the “charitable” work he did for stupid, young, manipulative boys.

  • Philip

    Whats really sad is the fact he was re-elected by the brain dead citizens of Brunswick and Columbus counties for 42 years. They couldn’t find someone better than this corrupt politican to honor?

  • RSimmons

    The GOP has Brian Berger, Us Democrats have RC Soles.

  • grnppls

    I wonder if Frog will be his date to the even……………

  • B M

    This has to be some kind of wierd joke, right??? The more you know about Brunswick County the more you just gotta shake your head!

  • no fan of soles

    Is this going to be a black tie affair or leather and lace ?

  • Guestnut


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