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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Commissioners held their agenda briefing meeting this afternoon. They expected controversy, but it never happened.

The board expected to hear from fellow commissioner Brian Berger about a number of things he asked to have added to the agenda, but that never happened.

Berger showed up 20 minutes late to Thursday’s agenda briefing meeting. He missed the item on Head Start he wanted to discuss.

Commissioners breezed through the agenda they will discuss Monday. They were almost done with Thursday’s meeting by the time Berger arrived.

When they reviewed three other items Berger asked to add near the end of the meeting, he then removed them. When we asked him why, he said he did not remember asking to have them added in the first place.

We also asked if Berger planned to pay the county back for money he owes that kept him from attending a conference in Chapel Hill last week. He said he planned to do that at the meeting on Monday, because there would be a bigger audience.

Berger was also asked if he was planning to support anyone to take over the commission seat left empty when Ted Davis replaced Danny McComas in the state House of Representatives. Another could open if Rick Catlin wins his state House race in November. Berger said he supported a few candidates, but would have some trepidation supporting former County Manager Bruce Shell.

The items Berger removed from the agenda include consideration of a resolution that commissioners will serve on all boards and committees, policy clarification, and a public information discussion.


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