Save money with local Facebook friends


HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY) — Whether you’re hoping to save money while shopping or maybe unload some of your own household items to make a buck, there’s a Facebook group that can help you do that. Similar to Craigslist, people can post items for sale.

"Hampstead Trade, Borrow, Sell and Swap!" is different, because it is a streamlined Facebook group locals can join and then post photos of items for sale, search for items they want or even ask to borrow something from a fellow group member. The group has grown to host more than 2,500 members.

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Individuals who frequently sell personal items such as baby items, furniture or clothing can create photo albums to add to over time with items they’re selling. Others can post items individually. Or if there’s something you’re just dying to find, you can simply ask for it by typing "ISO: skateboard." ISO stands for "in search of."

Many members say they’ve even formed friendships with people from this group, because they already live in the same area and clearly have similar interests because they’re buying and selling the same items. A stay-at-home mom said this group has enabled her to feel that she contributes financially to her family, because she can clean out her closets and make money at the same time.

Though "Hampstead" is in the group’s title, it is open to all area residents.