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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -– The closure of the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge this weekend cut off one of the main arteries in and out of Wilmington and clogged up streets in the heart of downtown.

“I left the Pepsi plant at 12:05 p.m.,” driver Joey Andrews said. “That’s where I work at, and I have been here in traffic since 12:05 p.m., and it’s been four and a half hours of just sitting here waiting.”

NCDOT planned to detour drivers over the Isabel Holmes Bridge via 3rd Street, which is a four-lane street. However, 3rd Street is currently down to two lanes of traffic due to another construction project.

The Cape Fear Memorial Bridge remains closed until Monday at 5 a.m. when it reopens for the work week.

More maintenance is scheduled throughout the week on the bridge, and the closure schedule is as follows:

Monday at 8 p.m. until Tuesday at 5 a.m.
Tuesday at 8 p.m. until Wednesday at 5 a.m.
Wednesday, Oct. 10, at 8 p.m. until Thursday, Oct. 11, at 5 a.m.
Thursday, Oct. 11, at 8 p.m. until Friday, Oct. 12, at 5 a.m.
Friday, Oct. 12, at 8 p.m. until Monday, Oct. 15, at 5 a.m.


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  • Guesty451

    The reason I do not support the privatization of roads is , (as with privatization of anything, where the government is concerned) we the taxpayers will have to, more than likely, subsidize the companies that do run the toll roads. When repairs are needed they will cost us an outrageous amount. The government overpays for everything and overcharges for everything.

    Just which corporation would get the toll concession? I’ll bet one from Chicago , New York or New Jersey.

    Why should a road which taxpayers have already paid to have constructed and have been paying for, for decades suddenly become a toll road?

    We will be paying for the subsidized road repairs and a toll!

    Do toll roads mean lower gas taxes? I thought the reason our gas taxes are so high is because we have to pay for roads.

    I do NOT believe for one nano-second that if roads were privatized the gas tax would be lowered. The government would just siphon that money off to pay for something not even remotely related to roads, just like they did with my social security.

    Does COBRA have $5,000 doctor deductible, every year? That is what I would have to pay out of pocket 100% until the $5,000 was paid THEN I will have a $20 copay. The same with the surgeon and the hospital.

  • Guestarticulatore

    CARMAGEDDON East! Maybe this was planned all the time.

  • Guesty951

    I hope you are kidding! Tax payers have paid for those roads and we keep paying for those roads. I for one don’t want to have to pay tolls for a road that as a long time tax payer I have already been paying for, for 40 years.

    IF roads are privatized that will be another government run, good ole boy, back slapping, smiling as tax payers will be ripped off yet again, dirty deal.

    The person/corporation who owns/runs privatized roads will get subsidies up the wazoo, which we will still have to pay for as tax payers and then they can additionally charge us tolls to maintain the roads we have already paid for.

    Nope privatized roads would be just another money draining scheme like healthcare.

    With a pre-existing condition, one for which there is no cure (congenital heart defect) I will forced to buy healthcare at $542/month for life.

    As a baby boomer born after 1955 I will NEVER get Medicare that I pay for out of every paycheck and I will never get Social Security which I have paid into since 1972.

    Even Romney says we younger baby boomers won’t get these.

    So the younger baby boomers have been made victims of a Federal Ponzi scheme with Social Security and Medicare and now Healthcare.

    With Healthcare I will pay not only $542/month for life but will have a $5000/year doctor deductible with a $20 copay, a $7000/year surgeon’s deductible with a copay and an $11,000/year hospital deductible with a copay and all of that before Federal Healthcare kicks in.

    Privatize roads? You must be kidding?

  • fedup with cape fear

    This is just another ongoing example of the incompetence of the Mayor, city manager and police chief of Wilmington. To not raise one finger to help rectify (means fix to all you locals) a nightmare that started very early saturday morning only goes to show they have know idea of how to run a city during a crisis. Instead they were all probably rocking back in forth in a corner saying “make it go away, make it go away”. This area is absolutely pathetic when it comes to local government. Look at the Mayors office, City Council, Leland, Boiling Springs, Brunswick County and Navassa. You are all crooked and incompetent jokes that completely embarrass this area.

  • Guest5466

    Below is a link to the NCDOT press release web page. I do not see where – even now – they said the bridge would be closed for multiple days. They did announg the upcoming closure, and hopefully they find someone who can apply some sanity, and planning.


    The link below shows a phone number for contacting the communications office. Maybe some continuous calls from members of the public will help get the point across. You’ll likely get an answering machine off hours, and whether you get a machine or live person, just ask civilized questions so they don’t hang up on you. Save the number in your cell phone, and swamp their phones next time you are stuck in traffic, and they might eventually get the point.


  • Kirstoon


  • KidLiberty

    Think government is good with roads? Wait until you’re begging them for healthcare…

  • Justin

    I want to know, by noon on Monday afternoon, who has lost their job at the NCDOT following this debacle. What a nightmare for not only the residents of Brunswick and New Hanover County, but for everyone going through our area, attempting to travel north and south.

    First, the NCDOT merged three lanes of traffic down to one lane on US 74/74, approaching the NC421 split outside of Wilmington? Why? They could have easily merged down to two lanes and simply left those two lanes exit off the interstate towards the Isabel Holmes. That, alone, caused 80% of the back up along the causeway between Leland and Wilmington.

  • GingerEngineer

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the WMPO. According to their webpage “The WMPO is tasked with providing a regional, cooperative planning process that serves as the basis for the expenditure of all feederal transportation funds in the area”.


    Since these organization is responsible for planning and prioritizing in the area, I think they (and not the DOT) should be asked why they felt that improving the Hwy 421/Hwy 17 merge was not of regional importance as of their Jan 2012 meeting. They have instead opted to support a multi-modal terminal in Wilmington, rail service from Castle Hayne to Wallace and the Hampstead Bypass.

  • Guest654444

    then you have no soul. How can you have opinions without a soul?

  • Guest28403

    Gee I’ll trade with you. Ive been paying 640 a month since last May for COBRA..With Specialist Copays of $40.. If the Government quit forcing Insurance to continue to pay for services people dont want or need under required coverage costs would likely go down, also allowing competition across state lines same as auto insurance is allowed would help.

    Im confused however you gripe about the government destruction of Social Security and Medicare yet dont support privitization of other things since you’ve provided plenty of proof of governmental incompetence. I do agree the local government should be responsible for most roads however totally throwing out toll roads as an option is near sighted at best. RDU has recently added toll roads without any problems. Most larger metro areas have added the alternative option of toll road limited access highways as an option for those willing to pay a little to save time as a rule toll roads are better maintained as a whole then public free highways and bridges.

  • 1122122

    I heard a rumor that there was actually no work being done on the bridge, but it was used this weekend for filming of a movie or TV show (Revolution). Has anyone else heard that?

  • Commuter

    That mess that everyone had to endure surely was planned weeks in advance. Why did project managers not include better traffic control in the contract? How many desks did this pass over and still no one saw fit to adjust plans? And why couldn’t something be done during the backup to make traveling easier? It’s not like they would have made things worse.

  • Guest Reply

    They will still be voted back into office in November! I bet you a Coke-Cola they will :-(
    This ordeal took the spotlight off of the baseball thingy…in the eyes of the news media it did.
    You think this was a mess…wait until they raise the bridge for a submarine going past…and the bridge gets STUCK!!!

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