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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — After more than 13 years as part of the team at WWAY NewsChannel 3, Marcy Cuevas said goodbye to the station and her loyal viewers Sunday night. She’s decided to spend more time with her three beautiful children.

Marcy started here in August 1999. As she put it, it’s the only job she’s ever known. She became one of our rare, young “old-timers.” She started working here back in 1999, and has done just about every job we have – reporter, producer, anchor, photographer, editor, therapist, the list goes on and on.

Not only is she a solid anchor, she’s a great story-teller. Honestly, one of the best we’ve ever seen. She would get her story assignment in the morning, and you never heard back from her, because she’s getting it done and doing it well.

Marcy will be greatly missed both by her coworkers and her viewers. That happens after so many years of coming into people’s living rooms and being part of their daily routine.

Marcy, we wish you well.

Click the video link above for our final farewell to Marcy from Sunday night.


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  • Mary

    Marcy – I’ve enjoyed your reporting for the past 13 years! Enjoy your time with your family and know that your viewing family will miss you!

  • Guest2020

    It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why they would be gone without advance notice to the public. The only oddity is that Chris left and came back. I recall that an explanation was given as to why he came back as an anchor instead of meteorologist. As for his leaving, it obviously wasn’t due to dissatisfaction of his job performance or else they wouldn’t have rehired him.

  • Marcy Cuevas

    Thank you for such kind words. It makes it really hard to leave. This has been an amazing journey here at WWAY, one I will never forget.

    To those who took a moment to leave such sweet sentiments, I sincerely appreciate each and every one. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for tuning in and allowing me to be a part of your lives. Knowing viewers trusted and respected your work is the greatest reward of all. Thank you for giving me this parting gift.
    I hope this isn’t good-bye, but rather, see you later.

    Best regards,
    Marcy Cuevas

  • hazwild

    We moved here 6 years ago and loved marcy and kevin and jerry in the morning. NOw they have all moved on and i am sorry to say i will switch channels now.Good luck to you marcy and your family you will be missed.

  • really234

    Ok, best wishes marcy, you will be missed. Question though….why is it when someone leaves wway i guess in this case on her own terms, but most of the time people just stop being on there without notice. IE: chris phillips was gone one day without notice as the chief weather guy then shows back up a couple of months later as the co-anchor or numerous other field reporters just dissapear without any fan fair or notice to viewers that they are no longer with wway.

  • Suzanne

    Marcy got my husband and I hooked on wway. We already miss her on the morning news and love to see her on special reports. Marcy – thank you for waking us up in the morning.

  • Nancy Ash

    Wish you the best in the future, Marcy! Enjoy spending time with the kids! We will all miis your smile and sunny disposition! Maybe once the kids are grown, you will come back to reporting all over again and we will be waiting for you!

  • Mike Forte

    I have been on the program with Marcy numerous times and she always makes you feel like it’s just you and her having a conversation. Marcy, you will surely be missed. Enjoy your time with your kids, they grow up way to fast.

  • Guest1439

    Awwwwwww will miss you Marcy! You have such a great ability to make any news story interesting. Great things are in your future. Enjoy this time with your family.

  • Guest1118

    Add me to the list of those who will miss Marcy! Marcy has one of the nicest voicest in local media, if not the nicest, and is such a good anchor and reporter.

  • Mom too

    Love you Marcy… we will miss you…..Have fun with your children. It is the best of times.

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