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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Columbus County man is in jail charged with killing his wife more than a decade ago.

Columbus County Sheriff’s detectives and investigators with the District Attorney’s Office arrested John Avery Phillip Cumbee, 51, of Honey Field Road, Whiteville, for the 2000 murder of his wife, Angela Jones Cumbee.

On August 7, 2000, deputies responded to an alleged suicide on Dock Road in the Crusoe Island Community. Investigators found Angela Cumbee’s body on her bedroom floor with a single gunshot wound to her head.

The case was presented to the District Attorney Office at that time, but it was determined there was insufficient evidence to prosecute. In the summer of 2011 the case was re-opened following interviews with Angela Cumbee’s family.

Columbus County detectives and investigators with the DA’s Office reinterviewed witnesses and reexamined the evidence. The Sheriff’s Office says a decision was made with the DA’s Office to proceed with the prosecution of this case.

John Cumbee is in the Columbus County Jail with no bond.


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  • Caroldiane

    I will be praying for all involved in this heartbreaking incident. I pray for her family to find peace and Phillip’s family and Phillip to not give up. I hope he gets his medical care he needs while this is going on. I think a terrible injustice has happened to him and his family.

  • Daughterinlaw

    I am an ex daughter in law of Phillip’s. This is a wonderful man and has always to this day treated me like family. It sickens me how quickly anyone would judge someone. Judge something that none of you know. I know this family behind closed doors and phillip is the same person no matter what. You should be ashamed of yourself. He has family on here reading this crap, none of ya’ll have a heart. Christians a lot of you claim, you are a freaking joke. His children and grand children will be heart broken, not like they haven’t suffered enough with losing their mother, which none of you have any business talking about if you don’t know the family close. My children will be crushed if anything happens to their papa. On here bashing. I have no need to bash either side of the family and no I wasn’t there when this happened. But based on the facts, Angie had a history and had tried to kill herself long before this and was on meds that made her this way. I will speak on the truth. Get your facts straight and stop bashing people that you know nothing about. I love Phillip, Tami, and the rest of the family. I pray for both sides and hope the court system will for once see the truth and not be blinded by the crap that usually draws them to making an unfair decision.

  • Kimberly Turner

    Every body has there own opinion of what happen and if PHILLIP IS INNOCENT they will proove his innocent, but you people that has negative things to say about angie and her family needs to stop, yea her children are grown now but that does not mean its easier for them. I loved that family, Angie was a great mom and she always took care of her kids. Bo was a good child to he had alot of stuff build up inside of him because of his real father being in jail. Only God knows what happened and eventually the truth will come out, I miss angie so much and I hope that the truth will come out so please people think about angies side of the family, they are the ones that lost there mom so give them a break.

  • family friend

    This truly a sad situation … its even sadder that I.stead of comin together as a community ppl want to throw him under the bus. I love mr. Philip n believe in his innocence. The bible says only God can judge!!! Be careful what you say…cause u may be eating your words. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family… as they are friends of mine. Tje truth will come out and set him free.

  • Bobbie Joe was my Mother

    My mother was a good woman and she died of natural cuases. There was nothing but love that went on between them for 20 years. Every marriage has its us and downs. I was behind those closed doors and my father was a great man and he loved us very much and anyone else that he was married to. I was no minor when all this took place and I know far more than any of you do. I am sorry for the friends and family of Angela but there is documented proof that she in fact had tried to kill herself on several ocassions. Two overdoes and a single self inflicted gunshoot wound to the stomach. Ifeel bad that her children has had to endure this. But my father is an innocent man and he loved and cared for Angela deeply. He had tried to seek help for Angela but was refused the help she needed. It is far sadder that a DA will make comments that my father is guity and say there was domestic violence in their home. When infact I was in their lives daily and no minor and there was never any domestic violence between them. In fact my father was the happiest man I had seen in a long time. I am a memeber of the UnitedStates Armed forces and I fight for justice to the upmost degree. My father has never abused me or physical mistreeted me. He has always been their to support me I intend to fight to the highest to prove my father’s innocence. I do not know why her family has waited so long to do such a helliaous act. But like all sucides a person would rather think someone did it than believe someone is capable of taking their own lives. Every statement I have made is entirely based on integrity and knowledge of things that you as a whole do not understand. I will be beside my father until the very end and I will wear my boots with honor defending him like I have defended this great nation as a United States Vet.

  • Kristin

    I truly hope that all of the people on here that have done nothing but talk ugly about people can lay their head down at night and sleep with all the uncalled for and hurtful comments that you have made. Does anybody think that my Sisters and I want to re-live all these terriable memories???? I can not believe that our Brother’s name was even brought up!!! What really gets me is that most of the hurtful comments are coming from people who claim to live for Jesus, but yet get on here and type the comments that have been posted! And then hide behind fake names. Well I know someone who you can’t hide from and that is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!! Please quit this!!!!! It does not make it easier for either side!

  • Columbus County Native

    The fact of the matter is this…no one seen what happened to Angie because it happened in the bedroom. So don’t come back with this crap of “you were not there”. I know more than what you think. I personally do not believe Phillip killed her…she had a history of this before. So before you condemn this man lets see what comes out in the hearing.

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