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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Commissioners decided to send nominee Melissa Gott back to the county GOP for more vetting after someone complained that she’s not a full time resident of the county. Gott was nominated to take over for Commissioner Ted Davis after he was named to the state senate.

Some are saying this is a last minute smear campaign by some in the Republican Party to keep Gott out of the seat. The New Hanover County GOP nominated Gott to replace Davis Wednesday night.

She and her husband own several houses around the Cape Fear area, but Gott says her primary residence is in New Hanover County. The issues stem from her being registered to vote in New Hanover County and her husband being registered in Brunswick County. She told us that he didn’t get around the changing his registration after they were married. But in telling the commissioners that her husband lives with her in New Hanover County, she alluded to the fact that he’s been voting in Brunswick County for years, which could be considered voter fraud. That fact, some commissioners say, have them concerned.

“I understand that her husband has voted for the last several years in Brunswick County,” Commissioner Jonathan Barfield says. “I’m just trying to rationalize how can two people living in the same household vote in different counties. She’s a friend of mine but at the same time, I’ve got to make sure I’m making a good decision for the citizens of this county.”

“It really caught me off guard that this would be something that I would be challenged on,” Gott says.

Commissioners approved a resolution that requests the GOP to meet with the New Hanover County Board of Elections Director to confirm that Gott is indeed a full-time resident of the county. They’ll present their findings at the next commissioner meeting. But as of Friday night, it appeared that Gott didn’t have a majority of commissioners willing to approve her nomination.


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  • Guest2929

    Please tell me you’re joking. Can you elaborate?

  • Guest776754

    Are you kidding? Hickey beat Dawson in the primary with very little effort. White spent a tremendous amount of money donated by the very definition of the good ol’ boys club and is very, very, very far right such that independents will likely not support him. The whole argument for not appointing Hickey was because Dawson and White cried that it was “unfair” to their campaigns. Neither of these two candidates had the votes needed to be appointed to the board. How is any of this an attack on the reputation of Ms. Gott?? This is a RESIDENCY issue. And in the Board meeting you speak of, did not Melissa Gott herself say that her husband forgot to change his registration? And should have? Most interesting thing that has come out from all of this is that Gott indicated she owned 20-30 properties in several different NC counties. How can someone like that identify with the average taxpayer?

  • Guest9743`

    Let me see….this NHC-GOP/Teabaggers sound like the same crowd that endorsed Mr. Berger, what a surprise!!!

  • InvolvedVoter

    Do our local politicians think that we the voters are fools? Ms. Gott states that she and her husband live together but yet vote in different counties…lol. Perhaps the County border dissects their residence. I wonder what her Brunswick County residence utility bill would reveal? Please Ms. Gott have some integrity and character and stop lying to the B.O.C. and to the voters.
    Jason Thompson stated that he would not seek another term so he could find more time to spend with his family. Apparently his family came in second place to his plans to run again in the primary. However the voters decided that he best spend his time with his family after all. Now he may want Mr. Catlins seat through backroom deals. So Jason does your family come first? Show us your integrity and character.
    Mr. Berger please get your life in order. Repeated and unsubstantiated public accusations of corruption, mismanagement, lying among others against the County staff must stop. Have you ever considered that these folks may file suit against you? Please pay the money you owe our citizens due to your negligence. Walmart needs seasonal help. Perhaps you can get a job… what a novel thought. I wonder why you repeatedly endorse Derrick Hickey particularly after his wife steals an opponent’s web domain? So I ask you also where is YOUR character and integrity?
    Mr. Barfield you have endorsed using taxpayer funds to pay for a baseball stadium. Is that truly what you believe the taxpayers want? on another occasion you changed your vote after your wife told you to, or was a change of heart for political expediency? She works full time for NHC. I wonder if other applicants were interviewed for the position. I wonder how a republican Board voted for a democrat to be Chairman? Could a deal have been struck? Where is your character and integrity?
    Mr. Catlin please hold your support for Ms. Gott until all is reviewed…
    We residents of New Hanover County deserve far better than what we now have. It’s time to stop this circus. Election day is near.

  • Guesttseug

    Me and my bird dog, Charlie, usually go for a ride after our walk in the mornings. Today we changed our compass heading and went past two new places of interest…….602 Chestnut Street and 10193 Vandorn Ct.

    No Wonder Miss Gott chooses to live and raise her children at the old run down wooden structure with a parking lot for a back yard in downtown Wilmington instead of the two story brick mansion over on the plantation. As you enter the plantation there is a sign declaring no dog walking in the sub division. Any place that doesn’t like dogs probably has a bad taste in their mouth for families and children.

  • Solo

    Lets look at the record. Gott works with Warwick and others. Who supports the good ole boys?

    On top of this, she lied about her address. Who sullied the reputation?

  • truthbetold

    I agree with everything you said besides the stealing of the domain. That was purchased. Ms. Redenbough was too busy lying about her record to purchase the domain

  • antoinette

    Since the press has done such a shoddy job, i’ll help. Ask these questions:

    1. Where do Gott and husband claim the deduction on mortgage interest for personal residence, NHC or Brunswick house???

    2. Is the leland house rented now??? If so, to whom and for how much? Can they provide a way to confirm with tenants?

    3. If not, when was the last time it was rented, to whom and for how much?

    4. Where does Gott hide the kids while she’s meeting with clients at the chestnut st house?

  • Guest1971

    Going beyond the fact that she shouldn’t be appointed as a Commissioner if she does not indeed live in New Hanover County….

    1. If she voted using her office address she has committed voter fraud. I don’t live in NH county but I work there and I can’t use my business address to vote there. I have to vote in the county in which I reside. As an attorney she should be smart enough not to engage in voter fraud. Everytime I vote I have to confirm my address and the fact that I have not moved. So either she or her husband are committing voter fruad.

    2. She is ripping off the school system – the article in the Star News states that her children attend NH county schools. If she does indeed reside in Brunswick County her children need to immediately be re-enrolled in the schools there, the Johnson/Gotts reimburse NH County for providing education to her kids, etc.

    I can’t believe that the local Republican Party cannot come up with a suitable candidate to serve out Davis’s term who would only do just that. Serve out his term and then walk away.

  • donwrong

    These Commissioners have more dance moves going on then ABC…..and most behind closed doors. That Snake Jason will do anything to stay in the political spot light even if the voting public told him to get lost. As for Bruce Shell no one wants him around any more either.

  • dunlin

    After living in the 600 block of Chestnut for many years, we have never seen nor heard children laughing or playing – toys in the yard – any signs of family life at 602 Chestnut Street. We’ve never seen this mom pushing a stroller, carriage, or holding a child’s hand walking around the neighborhood or block. A The only activity we noticed was the coming and going of clients to the Law Office of Gott, Johnson Law Firm.

  • Guest7969

    “…I’ve got to make sure I’m making a good decision for the citizens of this county.”





  • PFR

    everybody in the loop has heard about the deal that Hickey has cut with Brian Berger, Thompson and Barfield to take the appointment in return for voting Jason Thompson back in to fill Catlin’s seat. It stinks to high heaven and flouts the voters intent by voting Thompson out.

  • Wilmington Observer

    Some of the most, solid, marriages that I’ve ever known was where the husband and wife maintained separate residences, spent time at each, together, and alone. I find Mr and Mrs Gotts arrangement plausable. Without, solid evidence to the contrary, I would be comfortable with her appointment.

    Wilmington Observer

  • Guestpolitico

    Vote democratic- this is latest from old republican establisahment that gave us caster, catlin and davis- and now threatens Dawson and white. Better New wave Hickey and berger–than corrupt crap from past. Dawson and White just more of the same. I’m a conservative but I’ll vote for dems and giove them a chance– This republican group is a poor choice for voters

  • justin

    Just ask her Leland neighbors WWAY. Or ask to see her sleeping quarters in her downtown office… she has the power to clear this all up rather quickly.

  • Guesttoo

    Sounds to me like these folks will “eat their own”!

    Gott, even if you have honorable intentions, why in the hell would you want to be associated with these egocentrics? You’d be on a board where the head cheese calls you a friend yet won’t support you.

    Gotta love politics at the lowest level!

  • Pierre

    Is it really a “smear” if she lives in Brunswick county??? I’m wondering if Gott is really a democrat? I always get suspicious when news organizations start defending Republicans.

  • Hans

    Thompson was defeated soundly in the primary and now wants Catlin’s two year seat in December. Hickey tried to win the party’s nomination for Davis’s two month seat because he knows he does not have the support to beat White/Barfield/Zapple/Dawson. Hickey was defeated by a “wide margin” by Gott when the executive committee met this week. Gott threw a kink in this plan because she will not play ball with the good ol boys. Apparently, Berger mentioned at today’s commish meeting that it was important for the commissioners to move forward and select an appointee immediately and that there were enough lawyers in politics and that the board should consider a “doctor”. Hickey gets the appointment, gets a boost and wins in November and returns the favor by voting with his boy Berger to appoint Thompson. Sadly, a very strong female’s reputation is being sullied by behind the curtain deals by the ol boys club. Hope she keeps on fighting.

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