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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A new ad in the race for state Senate District 9 is grabbing people’s attention. Deb Butler’s new ad says incumbent Republican Sen. Thom Goolsby is trying to follow women into the doctor’s office.

In the new television ad, Butler discusses the use of a transvaginal wand and how Goolsby’s policies play into a medical exam.

“I’m Deb Butler, and I think we need to have a candid conversation about what Thom Goolsby’s policies mean for North Carolina women,” Butler says in the ad, which is getting national attention.

In the commercial, the Democratic challenger shows a transvaginal wand, which an instrument used to do ultrasounds early in a pregnancy. Butler says Goolsby says he wants limited government, but his support for a law requiring women to get an ultrasound before an abortion goes against that.

“Somebody coming in between you and your physician is not limiting government,” Butler said. “I mean, if there’s anything in life that is personal and private, it’s that.”

Goolsby say Butler is too liberal for North Carolina. He says Butler has no plan for North Carolina and is only working on surprising voters.

“All the things that I’ve done in Raleigh, and they’re all available, you know what they are, and the fact of the matter then is to just run shock value ads,” Goolsby said. “Well, that’s what Occupy Wilmington does, and none of that surprises me from their lawyer.”

Butler says Goolsby’s criticism is just a distraction.

“If he were proud of the legislation, I suppose he would be talking about that, when instead he’s talking about my community service,” she said. “Yes, I represented Occupy Wilmington and their rights of free speech, their constitutionally-protected rights of free speech, assembly, and I’ll do it again and again and again.”

Goolsby says he stands beside all the legislation he’s support. He says instead of focusing on butler’s ad, which is bringing her donations from across the country, he will focus on creating jobs.


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  • GuestofReason

    One can argue the merits of legislation, on the merits. One can hold strong beliefs and opinions on either side of an issue.

    However, in my opinion, introducing a medical instrument as a prop intended to shock contradicts the sober qualities of a leader and a legislator. By her actions, she has given lie to the notion that she is qualified to serve as a representative of the people of this district.

    We need leadership, not stunts.

  • Guest1971

    I’ve seen this ad on television several times…

    1. She never identifies what the device she is holding is. At first I thought it was some kind of odd sex toy. In the course of over 20 years of gynecological exams and 2 pregnancies I have never seen this device.

    2. She never mentions the word abortion in the ad. Obviously she is not that proud of her pro-choice stance.

    3. Why is she airing this ad on Fox News – the viewers of that network are not going to vote for her.

  • Guest 1949

    Who is going to speak for that baby that may be thrown out like so much rubbish? Someone needs to be a voice for a baby that can’t do it themselves. If I want a baby, I know how to get one. If I don’t, I also know how NOT to get one. Why not take responsibility for your body and don’t have unprotected sex until you DO want that baby – or don’t have sex. Then, you don’t need to worry about having an abortion. That’s what I did, and you know what? It really works!!!!

  • Guest000000

    Yes. The Republicans Straight party voting gave you in New Hanover Brian Berger and us in Brunswick Charles Warren. Well done Republicans

  • Guest3130

    . . . remember this when you VOTE! Not just for the senate seat, but for ALL of your votes.

  • Guesttseug

    Boseman II

  • NC is My Home

    Don’t be mistaken….Berger won ONLY due to the 2010 rush by the Republicans who demonstrated that they were unable to not vote a straight ticket……the most polarizing and scary party out there….Brian, the love child from 2010.

  • “Butler attacks Goolsby with transvaginal wand”

    Still giggling. Oh the insanity that runs rampant during the stressed out political season. Too much not to laugh with it.


  • frontpaige

    A cheap shot, and really, this ‘war on woman’ cry is the cheapest shot of all.

  • Guest 10101

    I know this is an emotional issue but that’s a bit over the top.

    If Goolsby and his “ilk” were “dedicated” to tyranny and totalitarianism I highly doubt they would have passed a bill that stopped Wilmington in its tracks from continuing their heinous policy of forced annexation. That truely was tyranny and totalitarianism.

  • Doc El

    Best headline of the year so far!!!

  • Anna

    Hands down Deb Butler is right on! Goolsby’s got to go! He will not be getting my vote and good for Deb exposing this. It’s important that women know what’s at stake in their future. It’s unconscionable that Goolsby would even consider this. He needs to stay out of our doctors office and our uterus! I feel sorry for his wife and for any woman who supports him. They are bein dipped. What’s next you have to pick out a name and paint the nursery needle your abortion. Hey Goolsby: Abortion is legal and we are federally protected from this kind of outrageous disrespect. Goolsby is dangerous for women!

  • solomon davidson

    Big Brother Thom Goolsby wants to dominate every intimate aspect of women’s lives. That is because, Goolsby and his ilk are tyrants dedicated to tyranny and totalitarianism. Women should demand the freedom to decide when they bear children and never yield to those who want them to curtsy to the powers of totalitarian government.

  • B M

    Butler you are a disgusting individual, when you proubly represent a group like Occupy when they are raping women and dumping in public, it’s obvious you would stand for anything and nothing at the same time, all Goolsby is trying to do is something yo9u have never done, ENGAGE BRAIN EFORE YOU ENGAGE “MOUTH”, there are times when you need to kick back from the table and take a few deep breath’s before you open mouth, maybe abortion is one of them, after all, it’s how you got here!!!!!! On second thought???

  • oppwrite

    I think I understand how Berger won…

  • GuestMan.

    Maybe you should take your own advice about engaging the brain, yo9u know? They got here because of abortion?
    I suppose you are proub of your semi-illiteracy.

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