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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover Commissioner Brian Berger returned our messages today that we left yesterday and said a stomach bug kept him from going to Monday’s commission meeting.

He also said he didn’t go see a doctor because he didn’t think he could get in. He said he did not inform Chairman Jonathan Barfield that he was sick either.

Meanwhile Commissioner Jason Thompson, who had surgery last week, did show up for the meeting, even though he was in obvious pain. Thompson says Barfield encouraged him to try to make the meeting so that they would be ensured of a quorum.

Berger also told us he still wants to pay back travel money he booked through the county but never used. But now he says county staff keeps changing the total, and he’s not sure what it is and that he’s not sure whom he should pay.


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  • I am sorry. My reply left a lot to be desired. I felt assaulted since my word was not taken as reality. My doctor’s office does not accept walk-ins or work-ins. Period.

    So the thread has gotten too far off-track. I just want to get it back on track by stating that I am in no way excusing the absence and thought I stated that. There is no excuse for it. I remain firm in my embarrassment of my vote. As it has been made clear through this website, there is little to nothing that legally can be done to remove this man from office. I was offering an excuse for someone who may not have access to a doctor, and I repeat, if you have ready access, be very thankful; many are not as blessed. Berger A) should not have missed a meeting for a stomach ache unless it required hospitalization, and B) at minimum should have notified someone.

    I do NOT support the man in any way. I do not know the man. I voted foolishly. I do, however, think WWAY in their reporting on him in general could be interpreted as stalking.

    My apologies

  • Guest Yeah

    Am I the only one who doesn’t bother going to the doctor every time I have a stomach bug?

  • GuestReality

    I neither “barge in” nor “force myself” on my doctor. I simply phone his office, explain my symptoms, and his staff works me in. It’s done all the time, by other doctor’s offices besides just mine. Of course, with your attitude, I can understand why he may not want to see you.

  • TheOne

    First, Berger is “what is he is”. Unfortunately, we are stuck with him.

    Second, why should anyone go to the Doctor for a stomach bug? No wonder healthcare costs keep skyrocketing. Berger should have called in sick plain and simple.

  • You are correct about Medac. However, my insurance deductible is $125.00 to walk into the door. It has been established that Berger has financial troubles. I doubt he even has insurance. Count your blessings that you can afford Medac, Urgent Care, and the E.R. Most people cannot.

  • What I posted was 100% truthful in my experience. You are fortunate that you can barge in and force yourself on your doctor. I do not have that privilege. Don’t assume to know what you do not.

  • GuestRw

    Berger not being able to “get in” to see a doctor? That’s nuts. Anyone who has ever raised kids understands a walkin to medac one can see a doctor without an appointment.

  • Guest1118

    Submitted by Das Weibstück on Tue, 10/16/2012 – 6:59pm.
    Goolsby doesn’t care, hes too busy up womens vagina’s.

    » reply

    Typical idiot liberal….”vaginas” is a PLURAL and doesn’t need an apostrophe.

  • Wilmington Observer

    Can WWAY reporters not find something more newsworthy to spend their time on?? This type of, harassing and stalkish, reporting could really blow up in your face. You have made your point regarding Mr. Berger. However, if you continue this type of “journalism” and Mr. Berger snaps and does harm to himself, or others, are you going to take ownership of your actions?? Mr. Berger has made his bed. Let him “lie” in it and if you must report on his actions, perhaps a more grown up approach would help you regain some of the credibility that you have lost by the tabloid type of reporting that you have stooped to. To Mr. Berger; The next time you can’t fulfill your obligations to me, a tax payer, I think it would not be unreasonable to expect the courtesy of a telephone call. Also, there are plenty of “Doc in a Boxes” (Emergency Care Centers) throughout the Wilmington area.

    Wilmington Observer

  • SouthEastNC

    “Another time you said you would bring a check to the next B.O.C. meeting because you wanted a large audience. So what happened?”

    Yes, that was classic. At the meeting you’re referring to where a few days beforehand Berger said he would pay at the meeting so there would be a large audience… at the meeting, Berger said he’d pay the County Manager sometime after the meeting in private because it was a private matter.

    Dude is loony toons

  • Guest pc

    Let Ricky Meeks replace berger, at least Ricky would call in

  • SouthEastNC

    His irresponsibility really is mind boggling. How could Brian not know that Jason was going to be out, and so therefore there wouldn’t be a quorum if Berger was going to be at home on the crapper?

    How come he can send a thousand text messages and slit-wrist photos to that classy lady-friend, but can’t make a phone call or text to anyone with the county?

  • SouthEastNC

    However, the article states that Berger “said he didn’t go see a doctor because he didn’t think he could get in.” So the issue isn’t that he should have gone to see a doctor over a little stomach bug… it is that once again he’s saying something questionable.

  • InvolvedVoter

    Mr. Berger has very good medical insurance benefits which would go along way towards paying for an emergency room visit.
    He also has available to him a clinic at the Government Center where he could have been seen before the B.O.C. meeting.

  • Bruno

    For a long time I thought that people were too hard on Berger and ganged up on him. I thought that WWAY had a grudge against him because they would report on any little thing he did wrong (I still kinda believe that). But this is ridiculous. He’s like a little kid that you have to babysit. Missing the meeting because of a stomach bug and not calling anyone to tell them? Anyone that irresponsible should never be in any kind of government position. Berger’s antics are indefensible. Berger, please quit your job, move away and
    start over. For your own good and for the good of New Hanover County.

  • SouthEastNC

    What doctor are you going to?

    I never have a problem walking-in at Wrightsville Family Practice.

  • Das Weibstück

    You just have Butthurtitis cause Obama won the debate.

  • I am embarrassed, (but honest), to admit I voted for this dollar menu Berger. (If they too were honest, I think many would admit the same about their 2008 presidential vote, but fortunately I did not make that mistake!)

    That said, A) Berger is likely telling the truth about his inability to get in to see a doctor. NO ONE can get in to see a doctor without weeks of waiting, and the E.R. costs are 100% preventative. This however does not offer a valid excuse for missing a meeting. B) He should have notified someone that he would not be attending the meeting. To ignore that is dereliction of duty. C) It’s quite obvious this man has mental issues and is not fit to serve. He deserves our sympathy, but not our tolerance.

    But above all: WWAY, you have lowered your status to tabloid journalism. Are readers of scandal sheets your target audience? When earlier reporting on his current, supposed residence, it was no less than stalking. PLEASE don’t give this sick man the attention he craves. Pride yourself on producing real news; prove to everyone that you are better than “The Weekly World,” or “The Globe.”

    Thank you

  • Guester

    They cannot turn anyone away. That’s why insurance rates are so high – a lot of uninsured people use the emergency room as their doctor.

  • Guester

    when you don’t feel well, try Medac. Or UrgentCare. Or maybe it’s time to get a new doctor.

  • Guester

    A commissioner just blowing off a meeting without telling anyone is not news to you? This guy is in over his head, but he is the one who ran for PUBLIC office and is accountable to the PUBLIC. Guess what. HE WORKS FOR ME. And as his boss, I have every right to know if why he isn’t showing up for work.

  • Kblue2221984

    This man is a MORON! He should be embarrassed to even be in the position he is in. What a pile of useless garbage! Say’s who!? Say’s Kblue!!!

  • Guest1313

    Brian can’t call to say he’s not gonna be at the meeting, maybe he should’ve painted a frowny face on his tummy wummy, took a picture, and sent it to somebody. He does know how to send picture messages, he’s proven that

  • Guestinyourhonor

    Berger is untouchable… If I am not mistaken, it would take a two thirds majority of the state assembly to overturn the law that is protecting him. you just have to deal with it or hope that he gets committed.

  • lb

    I am tired of ALLL of Mr. Berger’s excuses!!! He never takes responsibility for his own actions… a HUGE character flaw!! He has proven repeatedly that he is in NO shape to handle his responsibilities in his role as commissioner…There must be a way to move him OUT!!!!

  • Das Weibstück

    Goolsby doesn’t care, hes too busy up womens vaginas.

  • InvolvedVoter

    Mr. Berger one time you stated that you would pay back the money you owe the citizens of NHC “next week”. Another time you said you would bring a check to the next B.O.C. meeting because you wanted a large audience. So what happened? Did you forget? I think not. I think you never intend to repay what you owe. The County staff has given you clear information as to the amount you owe. Stop lying, pay up and please resign.

  • GuestReality

    I’m sorry, but your statement, “NO ONE can get in to see a doctor without weeks of waiting” is totally untrue. When I’m sick and call my doctor, they ALWAYS either work me in the same day or the next. I’ve never had to wait “weeks” to see a doctor. As usual, it’s just an excuse that Berger uses to try to justify his behavior.

  • Straight shooter

    Wake-up our local delegation! Make calls, write e-mails and text our local delegation, Tom Goolsby, Ted Davis, and the chairman of the Republican party to find a way to remove Berger!

  • Leah

    Do us all a favor and resign Mr Berger

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