NC Vote Tracker shows party trends in early balloting


    RALEIGH, NC (NEWS RELEASE) -– The Civitas Institute’s NC Vote Tracker is highlighting partisan voting trends from the North Carolina early voting process.

    According to the State Board of Elections data compiled daily and put into a user-friendly format at, of the 817,122 early voters, 51.2 percent were registered Democrats, 30.21 percent were Republicans and 18.42 percent were unaffiliated voters.

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    In 2008, at the same point in the election, shows that of 647,592 early voters, 56.44 percent were Democrats, 26.98 percent were Republicans and 16.54 percent were unaffiliated.

    “Compared to 2008, Republicans and unaffiliated voters accounted for a greater share of the vote, while the percentage of Democrat voters declined,” said Susan Myrick, Senior Elections Analyst for the Civitas Institute.

    Civitas will continue to analyze the voter turnout numbers every day during the early voting period. To get your own first-hand look at the official statistics in a user-friendly format, visit NC Vote Tracker ( for yourself.

    Every day, updates State Board of Elections data and puts them into an easy-to-use format. NC Vote Tracker illuminates the voting by county, party, legislative districts, race and gender.