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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — We are less than two weeks away from Election Day. You may have noticed the two candidates for state senate have made their race very personal and turned up the heat with a new wave of political ads hoping to sway voters on their way to the polls.

Democratic candidate Deb Butler has garnered national attention for her ads using a trans-vaginal wand to criticize Republican Sen. Thom Goolsby’s support of bills she says are bad for women.

“Even though the legislation doesn’t contain the incindiary language that the Virginia legislation does, it is nonetheless equally regressive, because it requires that a physician offer an image, and in the early weeks of pregnancy that image can only be gotten one way, and people don’t understand that,” Butler said.

Sen. Goolsby recently fired back with an ad of his own featuring his wife Rachael, who defends her husband as a good and honest man while criticizing Butler.

“Rachael’s not a doctor. Perhaps she doesn’t understand the nature of this legislation,” Butler said. “I, on the other hand, have researched it thoroughly, because I wanted to make absolutely certain that before I spoke on the subject I knew what I was talking about, so I consulted with midwives, I consulted with directors of imaging, I consulted with OB/GYNs, so I am absolutely conversant and comfortable with my interpretation of the legislation.”

With less than two weeks till Election Day Butler says to expect more ads.

We tried to talk with Sen. Goolsby today about the campaign. He said he was not available, because he was at Screen Gems working on a cameo role in “Iron Man 3.”


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  • Formerembryo

    Dem challenger Deb Butler famously pulled out transvaginal ultrasound wand to criticize incumbent Sen. Thom Goolsby’s vote for Woman’s Right to Know law held up in courts by Planned Parenthood. Shouldn’t a woman see what the abortionist sees?
    FACT: This ultrasound technique was implemented by the Democratic legislature in 1977 and 1994. Follow the link.
    FACT: The latest ad features Crist Takey MD Facog FACS, Jacksonville, NC -(910)353-2115- He does perform abortions at this clinic and COULD THIS DOCTOR PERFORMS PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTIONS, which in NC, any abortions after 20 weeks have to be done in a hospital licensed by the state. But the indignant doc in her follow-up ad has run an abortion clinic for 40 years and has a clear economic interest in seeing Deb Butler elected to the NC Senate’as well as the pro-choice groups that support Deb financially.
    FACT: Deb Butler will not support the majority NC vote for the marriage amendment – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkCpyQYmZwg. How does this work for the majority?
    FACT: Deb Butler is receiving donations from pro-choice and pro-homosexual groups to purport their obvious agendas. NC and national groups want this candidate – MUST – win to continue their left wing bent! How can she represent us – the constituency fairly?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …I guess it’s not too far a stretch to vote for Deb Butler.

    Democrats – the party of scammers, saps, simpletons, and Socialists.

  • Guest1971

    Yes he was WORKING instead of TALKING.

  • Andrew

    The interesting thing here is that the JOBS senator is at SCREEN GEMS? working on a cameo in Iron Man Instead of talking to the reporter?

  • Linda Rice

    I continue to be amazed that Deb Butler keeps throwing trash into the line of fire of Thom Goolsby and there is no need to do so. I have known Thom Goolsby and his family for many years and I have never met a more decent and kind human being. Ms. Butler’s nasty advertising speaks for itself. Frankly, I am a happily married woman and knowing she is a self-admitting gay woman says a lot to me. In fact, if Mr. Goolsby ran a dirty campaign, he could always use that tidbit of news and run with it. But, he is not that kind of person. I’m sure she is for gay marriage and we certainly do not want that in North Carolina. Ms. Butler needs to clean herself up and start running a clean campaign. Ugliness, and nasty and dirty campaigning never gets anyone anywhere. The negative remarks and ads are disgusting. The people can see right through it and all she has done is ruin her own reputation. I certainly would not even choose her for an attorney if I needed one. No one wants to be around someone who is always bitter and nasty.

  • Guest76

    What’s stupid is voting for someone who is so sleezy he would send his wife out with him and their kids next to her to tell a bold faced lie. She says he didn’t vote for the wand bill (HB 854) when in fact he did. He must think all voters are stupid.


    He even argued for it by reading from the Declaration of Independance.


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