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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — This week there’s been an uproar around the state about electronic ballot machines changing votes from one candidate to another.

It’s been reported to have happened in Guilford and Mecklenberg Counties. New Hanover County Board of Elections Director Marvin McFayden says that one person has complained about the error here, but he says it was a machine maintenance issue.

“These are much larger counties, where we have voted 26,000 people since the start of One Stop on October 18,” McFadyen said about the problems reported in other parts of the state. “You know, Mecklenburg (County) is voting 15,000 people a day, so these machines are being used much more rapidly than they would be in New Hanover County.”

McFadyen said every machine in the county is calibrated every morning, which should prevent any errors.


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  • guesty

    He doesn’t have to go to Tennessee for love, we love the Tea Party here as well. Everybody can’t be on welfare, got to have some people paying taxes.

  • GuestMan.

    Co back to TN where they love tea-baggers.

  • GuestDaniel from TN

    1. Please define “calibrate” the voting machine.
    2. If people were choosing obama and the X appeared in the Romney box just one time in one state I guarantee you it would be national headline news.
    America or obama! You can’t vote for both!

  • Guest333333

    Why does the only problem seem to be when people vote for Romney that Obama shows up….

    There has not been one single incident, made known to the public anyway, of someone voting for Obama and Romney showing up…

    I wonder why the “calibration” issues seems to obviously favor one candidate over another and its the one clearly losing in this state and the one that has driven this country so deep in debt and regulations and programs that will fail and health care that will surely close a lot of small businesses….Just wonder why the “calibration” problem goes that way….HMMMMMMMMMMMMM

    My guess is, at the end of all this, there is going to be so much corruption from the left that there is no way Romney is going to get a fair shake in the election….

    BTW…..To the person that said the voter did not commit fraud…Voter Fraud does not mean the VOTER did something wrong al the time…It means that fraudulant actions happened to have a vote cast for a particular candidate…for instance, someone voting more than one…an “uncalibrated” machine changing the vote of someone….

  • Veronica Lacewell

    When my daughter and I went to vote on Monday we notices that Mike McIntyre name was not on the ballot.Even other members found the same thing on there ballot and we would like to know why he was not.

    Thank You,
    Veronica Lacewell

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