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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a fight that sent two men to the hospital with stab wounds.

It happened at 220 Greenview Drive around 4:45 Monday morning.

Deputies say Jeffery Spoto, 22, and Richard Taylor, 21, were transported to New Hanover Regional Medical Center with stab wounds. They were treated and released. A third man, Mark Lindsey, 23, was also involved in the fight. His condition is unknown.

Sheriff’s detectives are investigating and charges are expected.


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  • th

    Jeff Spoto an Eddie Taylor plead guilty to the felony charge AWDW (assault with a deadly weapon) inflicting serious injuries and they plead guilty to a felony charge of conspiracy to commit these crimes. they have to serve 2 to 3 months in jail and then 2 to 5 years probation. Now who is the guilty parties. Daniel was never charged with anything and neither he or his witnesses had to testify. Quit slamming Daniel…..

  • lisa

    exactly… what were those two trouble makers doing on private property at 4 or so in the morning??? with WEAPONS (bats which were found when cops arrived) and a knife. you guys need to do your HOMEWORK before you go posting blogs that don’t tell the whole story!!! get it together and learn how to do your jobs RIGHT. also… what do those two do with their lives ?? school? work? oh yeah that’s right, NEITHER! mr. lindsey on the other hand is attending UNCW and actually has a future!!!!!! you guys should be sued for slander, AMATURES!!

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